cmd/camdeployThe camdeploy program deploys Camlistore on cloud computing platforms such as Google Compute Engine or Amazon EC2.
cmd/camgetThe camget tool fetches blobs, files, and directories.
cmd/cammountThe cammount tool mounts a root directory blob onto the given mountpoint.
cmd/camputThe camput tool mainly pushes blobs, files, and directories.
cmd/camtoolThe camtool binary is a collection of commands to help with the use of a camlistore server.
depcheckPackage depcheck does nothing except for fail to build when the system's version of Go is too old.
devupdate_closure_compiler downloads a new version of the closure compiler if the one in tmp/closure-compiler doesn't exist or is older than the requested version.
dev/devcamThe devcam tool is a collection of wrappers around the camlistore programs (camistored, camput, camtool...) which take care of setup and configuration, so they can be used by developers to ease hacking on camlistore.
dev/envvardocProgram envvardoc will verify all referenced environment variables in go source are properly documented.
pkg/appPackage app provides helpers for server applications interacting with Camlistore.
pkg/authPackage auth implements Camlistore authentication.
pkg/blobPackage blob defines types to refer to and retrieve low-level Camlistore blobs.
pkg/blobserverPackage blobserver defines how raw blobs are stored and accessed.
pkg/blobserver/archiverPackage archiver zips lots of little blobs into bigger zip files and stores them somewhere.
pkg/blobserver/condPackage cond registers the "cond" conditional blobserver storage type to select routing of get/put operations on blobs to other storage targets as a function of their content.
pkg/blobserver/dirPackage dir implements the blobserver Storage interface for a directory, detecting whether the directory is file-per-blob (localdisk) or diskpacked.
pkg/blobserver/diskpackedPackage diskpacked registers the "diskpacked" blobserver storage type, storing blobs packed together into monolithic data files with an index listing the sizes and offsets of the little blobs within the large files.
pkg/blobserver/encryptPackage encrypt registers the "encrypt" blobserver storage type which stores all blobs and metadata with AES encryption into other wrapped storage targets (e.g.
pkg/blobserver/gethandlerPackage gethandler implements the HTTP handler for fetching blobs.
pkg/blobserver/google/cloudstoragePackage cloudstorage registers the "googlecloudstorage" blob storage type, storing blobs on Google Cloud Storage (not Google Drive).
pkg/blobserver/google/drivePackage drive registers the "googledrive" blobserver storage type, storing blobs in a Google Drive folder.
pkg/blobserver/google/drive/serviceDriveService translates blobserver.Storage methods into Google Drive API methods.
pkg/blobserver/handlersPackage handlers implements the HTTP interface to the Camlistore blob server.
pkg/blobserver/localPackage local implements functionality common to both the "localdisk" and "diskpacked" storage mechanisms.
pkg/blobserver/localdiskPackage localdisk registers the "filesystem" blobserver storage type, storing blobs in a forest of sharded directories at the specified root.
pkg/blobserver/memoryPackage memory registers the "memory" blobserver storage type, storing blobs in an in-memory map.
pkg/blobserver/mongoPackage mongo registers the "mongo" blobserver storage type, storing blobs using MongoDB.
pkg/blobserver/namespacePackage namespace implements the "namespace" blobserver storage type.
pkg/blobserver/protocolPackage protocol contains types for Camlistore protocol types.
pkg/blobserver/proxycachePackage proxycache registers the "proxycache" blobserver storage type, which uses a provided blobserver as a cache for a second origin blobserver.
pkg/blobserver/remotePackage remote registers the "remote" blobserver storage type, storing and fetching blobs from a remote Camlistore server, speaking the HTTP protocol.
pkg/blobserver/replicaPackage replica registers the "replica" blobserver storage type, providing synchronous replication to one more backends.
pkg/blobserver/s3Package s3 registers the "s3" blobserver storage type, storing blobs in an Amazon Web Services' S3 storage bucket.
pkg/blobserver/shardPackage shard registers the "shard" blobserver storage type, predictably spraying out blobs out over the provided backends based on their blobref.
pkg/blobserver/statsPackage stats contains an in-memory StatReceiver that only stores sizes of received blobs but not their contents.
pkg/blobserver/storagetestPackage storagetest tests blobserver.Storage implementations
pkg/buildinfoPackage buildinfo provides information about the current build.
pkg/cacherPackage cacher provides various blobref fetching caching mechanisms.
pkg/camerrorsPackage camerrors define specific errors that are used to decide on how to deal with some failure cases.
pkg/camlegalPackage camlegal registers the Camlistore License
pkg/clientPackage client implements a Camlistore client.
pkg/client/androidPackage android contains code specific to running the Camlistore client code as a child process on Android.
pkg/cmdmainPackage cmdmain contains the shared implementation for camget, camput, camtool, and other Camlistore command-line tools.
pkg/constantsPackage constants contains Camlistore constants.
pkg/constants/googlePackage google contains constants specific to Google.
pkg/convPackage conv contains utilities for parsing values delimited by spaces.
pkg/deploy/gcePackage gce provides tools to deploy Camlistore on Google Compute Engine.
pkg/envPackage env detects what sort of environment Camlistore is running in.
pkg/fileembedPackage fileembed provides access to static data resources (images, HTML, css, etc) embedded into the binary with genfileembed.
pkg/fileembed/genfileembedThe genfileembed command embeds resources into Go files, to eliminate run-time dependencies on files on the filesystem.
pkg/fsPackage fs implements a FUSE filesystem for Camlistore and is used by the cammount binary.
pkg/gcPackage gc defines a generic garbage collector.
pkg/geocodePackage geocode handles mapping user-entered locations into lat/long polygons.
pkg/googlestoragePackage googlestorage is simple Google Cloud Storage client.
pkg/hashutilPackage hashutil contains misc hashing functions lacking homes elsewhere.
pkg/httputilPackage httputil contains a bunch of HTTP utility code, some generic, and some Camlistore-specific.
pkg/images/fastjpegPackage fastjpeg uses djpeg(1), from the Independent JPEG Group's ( jpeg package, to quickly down-sample images on load.
pkg/images/resizePackage resize resizes images.
pkg/importerPackage importer imports content from third-party websites.
pkg/importer/allimportersPackage allimporters registers all the importer implementations.
pkg/importer/dummyPackage dummy is an example importer for development purposes.
pkg/importer/feedPackage feed implements an importer for RSS, Atom, and RDF feeds.
pkg/importer/feed/atomPackage atom defines XML data structures for an Atom feed.
pkg/importer/feed/rdfPackage rdf defines XML data structures for an RDF feed.
pkg/importer/feed/rssPackage rss defines XML data structures for an RSS feed.
pkg/importer/flickrPackage flickr implements an importer for accounts.
pkg/importer/foursquarePackage foursquare implements an importer for accounts.
pkg/importer/picasaPackage picasa implements an importer for accounts.
pkg/importer/pinboardPackage pinboard imports posts.
pkg/importer/twitterPackage twitter implements a importer.
pkg/indexPackage index provides a generic indexing system on top of the abstract Storage interface.
pkg/index/indextestPackage indextest contains the unit tests for the indexer so they can be re-used for each specific implementation of the index Storage interface.
pkg/index/sqlindexPackage sqlindex implements the sorted.KeyValue interface using an *sql.DB.
pkg/jsonsignPackage jsonsign implements Camlistore's cryptographic signing and verification of JSON blobs.
pkg/jsonsign/signhandlerPackage signhandler implements the HTTP interface to signing and verifying Camlistore JSON blobs.
pkg/kvutilPackage kvutil contains helpers related to
pkg/lruPackage lru implements an LRU cache.
pkg/magicPackage magic implements MIME type sniffing of data based on the well-known "magic" number prefixes in the file.
pkg/mediaPackage media provides means for querying information about audio and video data.
pkg/netutilPackage netutil identifies the system userid responsible for localhost TCP connections.
pkg/osutilPackage osutil provides operating system-specific path information, and other utility functions.
pkg/osutil/gcePackage gce configures hooks for running Camlistore for Google Compute Engine.
pkg/publishPackage publish exposes the types and functions that can be used from a Go template, for publishing.
pkg/readerutilPackage readerutil provides and operates on io.Readers.
pkg/rollsumPackage rollsum implements rolling checksums similar to apenwarr's bup, which is similar to librsync.
pkg/schemaPackage schema manipulates Camlistore schema blobs.
pkg/schema/nodeattrPackage nodeattr contains constants for permanode attribute names.
pkg/searchPackage search describes and answers Camlistore search queries.
pkg/serverPackage server implements the server HTTP interface for the UI, publishing, setup, status, sync, thubnailing, etc.
pkg/server/appPackage app helps with configuring and starting server applications from Camlistore.
pkg/serverinitPackage serverinit is responsible for mapping from a Camlistore configuration file and instantiating HTTP Handlers for all the necessary endpoints.
pkg/sortedPackage sorted provides a KeyValue interface and constructor registry.
pkg/sorted/bufferPackage buffer provides a sorted.KeyValue implementation that buffers one KeyValue implementation in front of an another.
pkg/sorted/kvfilePackage kvfile provides an implementation of sorted.KeyValue on top of a single mutable database file on disk using
pkg/sorted/kvtestPackage kvtest tests sorted.KeyValue implementations.
pkg/sorted/leveldbPackage leveldb provides an implementation of sorted.KeyValue on top of a single mutable database file on disk using
pkg/sorted/mongoPackage mongo provides an implementation of sorted.KeyValue using MongoDB.
pkg/sorted/mysqlPackage mysql provides an implementation of sorted.KeyValue on top of MySQL.
pkg/sorted/postgresPackage postgres provides an implementation of sorted.KeyValue on top of PostgreSQL.
pkg/sorted/sqlitePackage sqlite provides an implementation of sorted.KeyValue using an SQLite database file.
pkg/sorted/sqlkvPackage sqlkv implements the sorted.KeyValue interface using an *sql.DB.
pkg/testPackage test provides common Camlistore test objects.
pkg/test/assertsPackage asserts provides a bad implementation of test predicate helpers.
pkg/test/dockertestPackage dockertest contains helper functions for setting up and tearing down docker containers to aid in testing.
pkg/typesPackage types provides various common types.
pkg/types/camtypesPackage camtypes is like the types package, but higher-level and contains Camlistore-specific types.
pkg/types/clientconfigPackage clientconfig provides types related to the client configuration file.
pkg/types/serverconfigPackage serverconfig provides types related to the server configuration file.
pkg/webserverPackage webserver implements a superset wrapper of http.Server.
server/camlistoredThe camlistored binary is the Camlistore server.
server/camlistored/uiPackage ui contains the resources for the Camlistore web UI.
server/sigserverThe sigserver is a stand-alone JSON signing and verification server.

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