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Command edwood

Go port of Rob Pike's Acme editor.

Package Files

acme.go acme_p9p.go addr.go buf.go col.go dat.go disk.go doc.go ecmd.go edit.go elog.go exec.go file.go fsys.go fsys_p9p.go logf.go look.go regx.go row.go scrl.go text.go texter.go util.go wind.go xfid.go


This is broken when the client is doing a sequential read using a very small buffer and we create/delete windows in-between the requests.


internal/completePackage complete implements file name completion.
internal/draw/drawutilPackage drawutil contains draw related utility functions.
internal/dumpfilePackage dumpfile implements encoding and decoding of Edwood dump file.
internal/edwoodtestPackage edwoodtest contains utility functions that help with testing Edwood.
internal/filePackage file contains the implementation details of a File.
internal/framePackage frame supports frames of editable text.
internal/ninepPackage ninep contains helper routines for implementing a 9P2000 protocol server.
internal/regexpPackage regexp implements regular expression search.
internal/runesPackage runes implements functions for the manipulation of rune slices.

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