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package mem

import ""

Package mem is an example REST backend storage that stores everything in memory.


Package Files

latency.go mem.go sort.go

type MemoryHandler Uses

type MemoryHandler struct {

    // If Latency is set, the handler will introduce an artificial latency on
    // all operations.
    Latency time.Duration
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MemoryHandler is an example handler storing data in memory.

func NewHandler Uses

func NewHandler() *MemoryHandler

NewHandler creates an empty memory handler.

func NewSlowHandler Uses

func NewSlowHandler(latency time.Duration) *MemoryHandler

NewSlowHandler creates an empty memory handler with specified latency.

func (*MemoryHandler) Clear Uses

func (m *MemoryHandler) Clear(ctx context.Context, q *query.Query) (total int, err error)

Clear clears all items from the memory store matching q.

func (*MemoryHandler) Delete Uses

func (m *MemoryHandler) Delete(ctx context.Context, item *resource.Item) (err error)

Delete deletes an item from memory.

func (*MemoryHandler) Find Uses

func (m *MemoryHandler) Find(ctx context.Context, q *query.Query) (list *resource.ItemList, err error)

Find items from memory matching the q.

func (*MemoryHandler) Insert Uses

func (m *MemoryHandler) Insert(ctx context.Context, items []*resource.Item) (err error)

Insert inserts new items in memory.

func (*MemoryHandler) Update Uses

func (m *MemoryHandler) Update(ctx context.Context, item *resource.Item, original *resource.Item) (err error)

Update replace an item by a new one in memory.

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