backupdBinary backupd provides tarballs of /perm.
capturedBinary captured streams network packets to wireshark via SSH, replaying buffered packets upon connection for retroactive debugging.
dhcp4Binary dhcp4 obtains a DHCPv4 lease, persists it to /perm/dhcp4/wire/lease.json and notifies netconfigd.
dhcp4dBinary dhcp4d hands out DHCPv4 leases to clients.
dhcp6Binary dhcp6 obtains a DHCPv6 lease, persists it to /perm/dhcp6/wire/lease.json and notifies netconfigd.
diagdBinary diagd provides automated network diagnostics.
dnsdBinary dnsd answers DNS requests by forwarding or consulting DHCP leases.
dyndnsBinary dyndns updates configured DNS records with the current public IPv4 address (of network interface uplink0).
netconfigdBinary netconfigd reads state from dhcp4, dhcp6, … and applies it.
radvdBinary radvd sends IPv6 router advertisments.

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