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package exporter

import "github.com/s8sg/faas-flow/sdk/exporter"


Package Files


type Exporter Uses

type Exporter interface {
    // GetFlowName get nbame of the flow
    GetFlowName() string
    // GetFlowDefinition get definition of the faas-flow
    GetFlowDefinition(*sdk.Pipeline, *sdk.Context) error


type FlowExporter Uses

type FlowExporter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FlowExporter faasflow exporter

func CreateFlowExporter Uses

func CreateFlowExporter(exporter Exporter) (fexp *FlowExporter)

CreateFlowExporter initiate a FlowExporter with a provided Executor

func (*FlowExporter) Export Uses

func (fexp *FlowExporter) Export() ([]byte, error)

Export retrieve faasflow definition

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