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package interception

import "github.com/safing/portmaster/firewall/interception"


Package Files

interception_linux.go nfqueue_linux.go


var (
    // Packets channel for feeding the firewall.
    Packets = make(chan packet.Packet, 1000)

func Start Uses

func Start() error

Start starts the interception.

func StartNfqueueInterception Uses

func StartNfqueueInterception() (err error)

StartNfqueueInterception starts the nfqueue interception.

func Stop Uses

func Stop() error

Stop starts the interception.

func StopNfqueueInterception Uses

func StopNfqueueInterception() error

StopNfqueueInterception stops the nfqueue interception.


nfqueuePackage nfqueue provides network interception capabilities on linux via iptables nfqueue.
windowskextPackage windowskext provides network interception capabilites on windows via the Portmaster Kernel Extension.

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