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package litter

import ""


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dump.go pointers.go print.go util.go


var Config = Options{
    StripPackageNames: false,
    HidePrivateFields: true,
    FieldExclusions:   regexp.MustCompile(`^(XXX_.*)$`),
    Separator:         " ",

Config is the default config used when calling Dump

func Dump Uses

func Dump(value ...interface{})

Dump a value to stdout

func Sdump Uses

func Sdump(value ...interface{}) string

Sdump dumps a value to a string

type Dumper Uses

type Dumper interface {
    LitterDump(w io.Writer)

Dumper is the interface for implementing custom dumper for your types.

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    Compact           bool
    StripPackageNames bool
    HidePrivateFields bool
    HideZeroValues    bool
    FieldExclusions   *regexp.Regexp
    FieldFilter       func(reflect.StructField, reflect.Value) bool
    HomePackage       string
    Separator         string
    StrictGo          bool

    // DisablePointerReplacement, if true, disables the replacing of pointer data with variable names
    // when it's safe. This is useful for diffing two structures, where pointer variables would cause
    // false changes. However, circular graphs are still detected and elided to avoid infinite output.
    DisablePointerReplacement bool

Options represents configuration options for litter

func (Options) Dump Uses

func (o Options) Dump(values ...interface{})

Dump a value to stdout according to the options

func (Options) Sdump Uses

func (o Options) Sdump(values ...interface{}) string

Sdump dumps a value to a string according to the options

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