internals/apiPackage api provides request and response types for interacting with the SecretHub API.
internals/api/uuidPackage uuid is a utility package to standardize and abstract away how UUIDs are generated and used.
internals/assertPackage assert is a utility package that provides simple assertions to help with writing tests.
internals/authPackage auth provides authentication to the SecretHub API.
internals/awsPackage aws provides Keyless Authentication for services running on AWS.
internals/cryptoPackage crypto provides the all cryptographic functions used by the client (e.g.
internals/errioPackage errio contains custom error types to easily transfer errors between applications and output them to the user in a consistent way.
pkg/randcharPackage randchar helps to generate random sequences of characters from a configured character set, which can be useful for e.g.
pkg/randchar/fakesPackage fakes provides mock implementations to be used in testing.
pkg/secrethubPackage secrethub provides the SecretHub API client, look here to read, write and manage secrets.
pkg/secrethub/configdirPackage configdir provides simple functions to manage the SecretHub configuration directory.
pkg/secrethub/credentialsPackage credentials provides utilities for managing SecretHub API credentials.
pkg/secrethub/credentials/sessionsPackage sessions provides session authentication to the SecretHub API for the HTTP client.
pkg/secrethub/fakeclientPackage fakeclient provides mock implementations of the client to be used for testing.
pkg/secrethub/internals/httpPackage http implements the RESTful HTTP client that talks directly to the API, as opposed to the client package, which wraps the http client with additional logic (e.g.
pkg/secrethub/iteratorPackage iterator provides a generic iterator to be used as a building block for typed iterators.
pkg/secretpathPackage secretpath implements utility functions for manipulating paths compatible with SecretHub (e.g.

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