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package server

import ""


Package Files


type Server Uses

type Server struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Server type

func New Uses

func New(cfg *config.Config) *Server

New return new server

func (*Server) ListenAndServeDNS Uses

func (s *Server) ListenAndServeDNS(network string)

ListenAndServeDNS Starts a server on address and network specified Invoke handler for incoming queries.

func (*Server) ListenAndServeDNSTLS Uses

func (s *Server) ListenAndServeDNSTLS()

ListenAndServeDNSTLS acts like http.ListenAndServeTLS

func (*Server) ListenAndServeHTTPTLS Uses

func (s *Server) ListenAndServeHTTPTLS()

ListenAndServeHTTPTLS acts like http.ListenAndServeTLS

func (*Server) Run Uses

func (s *Server) Run()

Run listen the services

func (*Server) ServeDNS Uses

func (s *Server) ServeDNS(w dns.ResponseWriter, r *dns.Msg)

ServeDNS implements the Handle interface.

func (*Server) ServeHTTP Uses

func (s *Server) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)



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