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Freyr is a golang web server used to store and retrieve plant environmental readings from a user's sensors. It handles user log-in with oauth and authorizes using HMAC signed JWTs.

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clientPackage client is a convenience package that provides methods to interface with the Freyr server's HTTP API.
databasePackage database defines method for interacting with PostgreSQL for persistent data.
envflagsPackage envflags package houses the SetFlags and ConfigEmpty methods for conveniently specifiying config via a single struct.
fakePackage fake is a collection of in-memory or stand-in implementations of various interfaces in the project for usage in unit tests.
middlewarePackage middleware defines HTTP middleware such as those used for user validation.
modelsPackage models defines data models such as those used to store users and readings.
oauthPackage oauth defines methods for handling Three-legged Oauth with various third-parties (e.g.
routesPackage routes defines HTTP routes for the Freyr api.
tokenPackage token defines methods and types for using and validating Freyr tokens in JWT format.

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