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package docker

import ""


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docker.go docker_linux.go


var ErrCgroupNotAvailable = errors.New("cgroup not available")
var ErrDockerNotAvailable = errors.New("docker not available")

func CgroupCPU Uses

func CgroupCPU(containerID string, base string) (*cpu.TimesStat, error)

CgroupCPU returnes specified cgroup id CPU status. containerID is same as docker id if you use docker. If you use container via systemd.slice, you could use containerID = docker-<container id>.scope and base=/sys/fs/cgroup/cpuacct/system.slice/

func CgroupCPUDocker Uses

func CgroupCPUDocker(containerid string) (*cpu.TimesStat, error)

func CgroupCPUDockerWithContext Uses

func CgroupCPUDockerWithContext(ctx context.Context, containerid string) (*cpu.TimesStat, error)

func CgroupCPUWithContext Uses

func CgroupCPUWithContext(ctx context.Context, containerID string, base string) (*cpu.TimesStat, error)

func GetDockerIDList Uses

func GetDockerIDList() ([]string, error)

GetDockerIDList returnes a list of DockerID. This requires certain permission.

func GetDockerIDListWithContext Uses

func GetDockerIDListWithContext(ctx context.Context) ([]string, error)

type CgroupDockerStat Uses

type CgroupDockerStat struct {
    ContainerID string `json:"containerID"`
    Name        string `json:"name"`
    Image       string `json:"image"`
    Status      string `json:"status"`
    Running     bool   `json:"running"`

func GetDockerStat Uses

func GetDockerStat() ([]CgroupDockerStat, error)

GetDockerStat returns a list of Docker basic stats. This requires certain permission.

func GetDockerStatWithContext Uses

func GetDockerStatWithContext(ctx context.Context) ([]CgroupDockerStat, error)

func (CgroupDockerStat) String Uses

func (c CgroupDockerStat) String() string

type CgroupMemStat Uses

type CgroupMemStat struct {
    ContainerID             string `json:"containerID"`
    Cache                   uint64 `json:"cache"`
    RSS                     uint64 `json:"rss"`
    RSSHuge                 uint64 `json:"rssHuge"`
    MappedFile              uint64 `json:"mappedFile"`
    Pgpgin                  uint64 `json:"pgpgin"`
    Pgpgout                 uint64 `json:"pgpgout"`
    Pgfault                 uint64 `json:"pgfault"`
    Pgmajfault              uint64 `json:"pgmajfault"`
    InactiveAnon            uint64 `json:"inactiveAnon"`
    ActiveAnon              uint64 `json:"activeAnon"`
    InactiveFile            uint64 `json:"inactiveFile"`
    ActiveFile              uint64 `json:"activeFile"`
    Unevictable             uint64 `json:"unevictable"`
    HierarchicalMemoryLimit uint64 `json:"hierarchicalMemoryLimit"`
    TotalCache              uint64 `json:"totalCache"`
    TotalRSS                uint64 `json:"totalRss"`
    TotalRSSHuge            uint64 `json:"totalRssHuge"`
    TotalMappedFile         uint64 `json:"totalMappedFile"`
    TotalPgpgIn             uint64 `json:"totalPgpgin"`
    TotalPgpgOut            uint64 `json:"totalPgpgout"`
    TotalPgFault            uint64 `json:"totalPgfault"`
    TotalPgMajFault         uint64 `json:"totalPgmajfault"`
    TotalInactiveAnon       uint64 `json:"totalInactiveAnon"`
    TotalActiveAnon         uint64 `json:"totalActiveAnon"`
    TotalInactiveFile       uint64 `json:"totalInactiveFile"`
    TotalActiveFile         uint64 `json:"totalActiveFile"`
    TotalUnevictable        uint64 `json:"totalUnevictable"`
    MemUsageInBytes         uint64 `json:"memUsageInBytes"`
    MemMaxUsageInBytes      uint64 `json:"memMaxUsageInBytes"`
    MemLimitInBytes         uint64 `json:"memoryLimitInBbytes"`
    MemFailCnt              uint64 `json:"memoryFailcnt"`

func CgroupMem Uses

func CgroupMem(containerID string, base string) (*CgroupMemStat, error)

func CgroupMemDocker Uses

func CgroupMemDocker(containerID string) (*CgroupMemStat, error)

func CgroupMemDockerWithContext Uses

func CgroupMemDockerWithContext(ctx context.Context, containerID string) (*CgroupMemStat, error)

func CgroupMemWithContext Uses

func CgroupMemWithContext(ctx context.Context, containerID string, base string) (*CgroupMemStat, error)

func (CgroupMemStat) String Uses

func (m CgroupMemStat) String() string

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