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package load

import ""


Package Files

load.go load_linux.go

type AvgStat Uses

type AvgStat struct {
    Load1  float64 `json:"load1"`
    Load5  float64 `json:"load5"`
    Load15 float64 `json:"load15"`

func Avg Uses

func Avg() (*AvgStat, error)

func AvgWithContext Uses

func AvgWithContext(ctx context.Context) (*AvgStat, error)

func (AvgStat) String Uses

func (l AvgStat) String() string

type MiscStat Uses

type MiscStat struct {
    ProcsTotal   int `json:"procsTotal"`
    ProcsRunning int `json:"procsRunning"`
    ProcsBlocked int `json:"procsBlocked"`
    Ctxt         int `json:"ctxt"`

func Misc Uses

func Misc() (*MiscStat, error)

Misc returnes miscellaneous host-wide statistics. Note: the name should be changed near future.

func MiscWithContext Uses

func MiscWithContext(ctx context.Context) (*MiscStat, error)

func (MiscStat) String Uses

func (m MiscStat) String() string

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