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package rdsmysql

import "github.com/shogo82148/rdsmysql"


Package Files

connctor.go rdsmysql.go

type Connector Uses

type Connector struct {
    Session *session.Session
    Config  *mysql.Config

Connector is an implementation of driver.Connector

func (*Connector) Connect Uses

func (c *Connector) Connect(context.Context) (driver.Conn, error)

Connect returns a connection to the database.

func (*Connector) Driver Uses

func (c *Connector) Driver() driver.Driver

Driver returns the underlying Driver of the Connector.

type Driver Uses

type Driver struct {
    Session *session.Session

Driver is mysql driver using IAM DB Auth. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/UsingWithRDS.IAMDBAuth.html

func (*Driver) Open Uses

func (d *Driver) Open(name string) (driver.Conn, error)

Open opens new connection.

func (*Driver) OpenConnector Uses

func (d *Driver) OpenConnector(name string) (driver.Connector, error)

OpenConnector opens new connection.



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