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package pipeutil

import "github.com/shurcooL/go/pipeutil"

Package pipeutil provides additional functionality for gopkg.in/pipe.v2 package.


Package Files

dir.go pipeutil.go

func DividedOutputDir Uses

func DividedOutputDir(p pipe.Pipe, dir string) (stdout []byte, stderr []byte, err error)

DividedOutputDir is identical to pipe.DividedOutput, except it sets the starting dir.

func ExecCombinedOutput Uses

func ExecCombinedOutput(name string, args ...string) pipe.Pipe

ExecCombinedOutput returns a pipe that runs the named program with the given arguments, while forwarding stderr to stdout.

func OutputDir Uses

func OutputDir(p pipe.Pipe, dir string) ([]byte, error)

OutputDir is identical to pipe.Output, except it sets the starting dir.

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