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home is Dmitri Shuralyov's personal website.

Package Files

about.go action.go app.go auth.go blog.go changes.go code.go commit.go commits.go directory.go events.go html.go idiomaticgo.go index.go issues.go issuesv2.go main.go metrics.go notifications.go notificationsv2.go package.go packages.go projects.go reactions.go repository.go resume.go route.go sessions.go talks.go test.go usercontent.go users.go util.go


assetsPackage assets contains assets for home.
cmd/githook/pre-receivepre-receive is a pre-receive git hook for use with home's git server.
componentPackage component contains individual components that can render themselves as HTML.
_data/blogblog sets up reactions menu for /blog page.
_data/commitscommits contains the frontend code for commits page.
_data/idiomaticgoidiomaticgo sets up reactions menu for /idiomatic-go page.
_data/resumeresume renders the resume page entirely on the frontend.
exp/vecPackage vec provides a vecty-like API for backend HTML rendering.
exp/vec/attrPackage attr defines functions to set attributes of an HTML node.
exp/vec/elemPackage elem defines functions to create HTML elements.
httpPackage http contains service implementations over HTTP.
httphandlerPackage httphandler contains API handlers used by home.
httputilPackage httputil is a custom HTTP framework created specifically for home.
indieauthPackage indieauth implements building blocks for the IndieAuth specification (https://indieauth.spec.indieweb.org/).
internal/codePackage code implements a Go code service backed by a repository store.
internal/code/httpclientPackage httpclient contains issues.Service implementation over HTTP.
internal/code/httphandlerPackage httphandler contains an API handler for issues.Service.
internal/code/httproutePackage httproute contains route paths for httpclient, httphandler.
internal/exp/service/activityPackage activity provides an activity service definition.
internal/exp/service/activity/gerritPackage gerrit implements activity.Service for Gerrit.
internal/exp/service/activity/githubPackage github implements activity.Service for GitHub.
internal/exp/service/authPackage auth defines a service for home's user authentication needs.
internal/exp/service/auth/directfetchPackage directfetch provides a direct implementation of auth.FetchService.
internal/exp/service/auth/gcpfetchPackage gcpfetch provides a Google Cloud Platform-powered implementation of auth.FetchService.
internal/exp/service/changePackage change provides a change service definition.
internal/exp/service/change/fsPackage fs will implement change.Service using a virtual filesystem, once change.Service API is finalized.
internal/exp/service/change/gerritapiPackage gerritapi implements a read-only change.Service using Gerrit API client.
internal/exp/service/change/githubapiPackage githubapi implements a change.Service using GitHub API clients.
internal/exp/service/change/httpclientPackage httpclient contains change.Service implementation over HTTP.
internal/exp/service/change/httphandlerPackage httphandler contains an API handler for change.Service.
internal/exp/service/change/httproutePackage httproute contains route paths for httpclient, httphandler.
internal/exp/service/issuePackage issues provides an issues service definition.
internal/exp/service/issue/fsPackage fs implements issues.Service using a virtual filesystem.
internal/exp/service/issue/githubapiPackage githubapi implements issues.Service using GitHub API clients.
internal/exp/service/issue/httpclientPackage httpclient contains issues.Service implementation over HTTP.
internal/exp/service/issue/httphandlerPackage httphandler contains an API handler for issues.Service.
internal/exp/service/issue/httproutePackage httproute contains route paths for httpclient, httphandler.
internal/exp/service/notificationPackage notification provides a notification service definition.
internal/exp/service/notification/fsPackage fs implements notification.Service using a virtual filesystem.
internal/exp/service/notification/httpclientPackage httpclient contains notification.Service implementation over HTTP.
internal/exp/service/notification/httphandlerPackage httphandler contains an API handler for notification.Service.
internal/exp/service/notification/httproutePackage httproute contains route paths for httpclient, httphandler.
internal/exp/service/notification/v2tov1Package v2tov1 provides a notifv1.Service wrapper on top of a notifv2.Service implementation.
internal/exp/service/user/fsPackage fs implements an in-memory user store backed by a virtual filesystem.
internal/exp/spaPackage spa implements a single-page application used on the dmitri.shuralyov.com website.
internal/modPackage mod exposes select functionality related to module mechanics.
internal/page/blogPackage blog contains functionality for rendering /blog page.
internal/page/idiomaticgoPackage idiomaticgo contains functionality for rendering /idiomatic-go page.
internal/page/resumePackage resume contains functionality for rendering /resume page.
internal/routePackage route specifies some route paths used by home.
presentdataPackage presentdata contains static data for present format.

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