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package idiomaticgo

import "github.com/shurcooL/home/internal/page/idiomaticgo"

Package idiomaticgo contains functionality for rendering /idiomatic-go page.


Package Files

reactions.go render.go


const ReactableURL = idiomaticGoURI

ReactableURL is the URL for reactionable items on the Idiomatic Go page.

func RenderBodyInnerHTML Uses

func RenderBodyInnerHTML(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer, issuesService issues.Service, notification notification.Service, authenticatedUser users.User, returnURL string) error

RenderBodyInnerHTML renders the inner HTML of the <body> element of the Idiomatic Go page. It's safe for concurrent use.

type IssuesReactions Uses

type IssuesReactions struct {
    Issues issues.Service

IssuesReactions implements reactions.Service on top of issues.Service, specifically for use by Idiomatic Go page. It hardcodes comment ID value of 0, see issuesReactionsCommentID.

func (IssuesReactions) Get Uses

func (ir IssuesReactions) Get(ctx context.Context, uri string, id string) ([]reactions.Reaction, error)

func (IssuesReactions) List Uses

func (ir IssuesReactions) List(ctx context.Context, uri string) (map[string][]reactions.Reaction, error)

func (IssuesReactions) Toggle Uses

func (ir IssuesReactions) Toggle(ctx context.Context, uri string, id string, tr reactions.ToggleRequest) ([]reactions.Reaction, error)

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