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package route

import "github.com/shurcooL/home/internal/route"

Package route specifies some route paths used by home.


Package Files


func BeforeImportPathSeparator Uses

func BeforeImportPathSeparator(path string) string

BeforeImportPathSeparator returns the path before the import path separator.

func HasImportPathSeparator Uses

func HasImportPathSeparator(path string) bool

HasImportPathSeparator reports whether path contains the import path separator.

func PkgCommit Uses

func PkgCommit(pkgPath string) string

func PkgHistory Uses

func PkgHistory(pkgPath string) string

func PkgIndex Uses

func PkgIndex(pkgPath string) string

func PkgLicense Uses

func PkgLicense(pkgPath string) string

func RepoChanges Uses

func RepoChanges(repoPath string) string

func RepoCommit Uses

func RepoCommit(repoPath string) string

func RepoHistory Uses

func RepoHistory(repoPath string) string

func RepoIndex Uses

func RepoIndex(repoPath string) string

func RepoIssues Uses

func RepoIssues(repoPath string) string

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