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package config

import "github.com/siddontang/ledisdb/config"


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const (
    DefaultAddr string = ""

    DefaultDBName string = "goleveldb"

    DefaultDataDir string = "./var"

    KB  int = 1024
    MB  int = KB * 1024
    GB  int = MB * 1024


var (
    ErrNoConfigFile = errors.New("Running without a config file")

type AuthMethod Uses

type AuthMethod func(c *Config, password string) bool

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    AuthPassword string `toml:"auth_password"`

    //AuthMethod custom authentication method
    AuthMethod AuthMethod `toml:"-"`

    FileName string `toml:"-"`

    // Addr can be empty to assign a local address dynamically
    Addr string `toml:"addr"`

    AddrUnixSocketPerm string `toml:"addr_unixsocketperm"`

    HttpAddr string `toml:"http_addr"`

    SlaveOf string `toml:"slaveof"`

    Readonly bool `toml:"readonly"`

    DataDir string `toml:"data_dir"`

    Databases int `toml:"databases"`

    DBName       string `toml:"db_name"`
    DBPath       string `toml:"db_path"`
    DBSyncCommit int    `toml:"db_sync_commit"`

    LevelDB LevelDBConfig `toml:"leveldb"`
    RocksDB RocksDBConfig `toml:"rocksdb"`

    LMDB LMDBConfig `toml:"lmdb"`

    AccessLog string `toml:"access_log"`

    UseReplication bool              `toml:"use_replication"`
    Replication    ReplicationConfig `toml:"replication"`

    Snapshot SnapshotConfig `toml:"snapshot"`

    ConnReadBufferSize    int `toml:"conn_read_buffer_size"`
    ConnWriteBufferSize   int `toml:"conn_write_buffer_size"`
    ConnKeepaliveInterval int `toml:"conn_keepalive_interval"`

    TTLCheckInterval int `toml:"ttl_check_interval"`

    //tls config
    TLS TLS `toml:"tls"`
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewConfigDefault Uses

func NewConfigDefault() *Config

func NewConfigWithData Uses

func NewConfigWithData(data []byte) (*Config, error)

func NewConfigWithFile Uses

func NewConfigWithFile(fileName string) (*Config, error)

func (*Config) Dump Uses

func (cfg *Config) Dump(w io.Writer) error

func (*Config) DumpFile Uses

func (cfg *Config) DumpFile(fileName string) error

func (*Config) GetReadonly Uses

func (cfg *Config) GetReadonly() bool

func (*Config) Rewrite Uses

func (cfg *Config) Rewrite() error

func (*Config) SetReadonly Uses

func (cfg *Config) SetReadonly(b bool)

type LMDBConfig Uses

type LMDBConfig struct {
    MapSize int  `toml:"map_size"`
    NoSync  bool `toml:"nosync"`

type LevelDBConfig Uses

type LevelDBConfig struct {
    Compression     bool `toml:"compression"`
    BlockSize       int  `toml:"block_size"`
    WriteBufferSize int  `toml:"write_buffer_size"`
    CacheSize       int  `toml:"cache_size"`
    MaxOpenFiles    int  `toml:"max_open_files"`
    MaxFileSize     int  `toml:"max_file_size"`

type ReplicationConfig Uses

type ReplicationConfig struct {
    Path             string `toml:"path"`
    Sync             bool   `toml:"sync"`
    WaitSyncTime     int    `toml:"wait_sync_time"`
    WaitMaxSlaveAcks int    `toml:"wait_max_slave_acks"`
    ExpiredLogDays   int    `toml:"expired_log_days"`
    StoreName        string `toml:"store_name"`
    MaxLogFileSize   int64  `toml:"max_log_file_size"`
    MaxLogFileNum    int    `toml:"max_log_file_num"`
    SyncLog          int    `toml:"sync_log"`
    Compression      bool   `toml:"compression"`
    UseMmap          bool   `toml:"use_mmap"`
    MasterPassword   string `toml:"master_password"`

type RocksDBConfig Uses

type RocksDBConfig struct {
    Compression                    int  `toml:"compression"`
    BlockSize                      int  `toml:"block_size"`
    WriteBufferSize                int  `toml:"write_buffer_size"`
    CacheSize                      int  `toml:"cache_size"`
    MaxOpenFiles                   int  `toml:"max_open_files"`
    MaxWriteBufferNum              int  `toml:"max_write_buffer_num"`
    MinWriteBufferNumberToMerge    int  `toml:"min_write_buffer_number_to_merge"`
    NumLevels                      int  `toml:"num_levels"`
    Level0FileNumCompactionTrigger int  `toml:"level0_file_num_compaction_trigger"`
    Level0SlowdownWritesTrigger    int  `toml:"level0_slowdown_writes_trigger"`
    Level0StopWritesTrigger        int  `toml:"level0_stop_writes_trigger"`
    TargetFileSizeBase             int  `toml:"target_file_size_base"`
    TargetFileSizeMultiplier       int  `toml:"target_file_size_multiplier"`
    MaxBytesForLevelBase           int  `toml:"max_bytes_for_level_base"`
    MaxBytesForLevelMultiplier     int  `toml:"max_bytes_for_level_multiplier"`
    DisableAutoCompactions         bool `toml:"disable_auto_compactions"`
    UseFsync                       bool `toml:"use_fsync"`
    MaxBackgroundCompactions       int  `toml:"max_background_compactions"`
    MaxBackgroundFlushes           int  `toml:"max_background_flushes"`
    EnableStatistics               bool `toml:"enable_statistics"`
    StatsDumpPeriodSec             int  `toml:"stats_dump_period_sec"`
    BackgroundThreads              int  `toml:"background_theads"`
    HighPriorityBackgroundThreads  int  `toml:"high_priority_background_threads"`
    DisableWAL                     bool `toml:"disable_wal"`
    MaxManifestFileSize            int  `toml:"max_manifest_file_size"`

type SnapshotConfig Uses

type SnapshotConfig struct {
    Path   string `toml:"path"`
    MaxNum int    `toml:"max_num"`

type TLS Uses

type TLS struct {
    Enabled     bool   `toml:"enabled"`
    Certificate string `toml:"certificate"`
    Key         string `toml:"key"`

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