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package csv

import ""


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type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Filters     *filtering.FilterObj
    Filename    *string
    WriteString func(f *os.File, s string) (ret int, err error)

Config controls the optional configuration of the csv forwarder

type Forwarder Uses

type Forwarder struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Forwarder prints datapoints to a file

func NewForwarder Uses

func NewForwarder(config *Config) (*Forwarder, error)

NewForwarder creates a new filename forwarder

func (*Forwarder) AddDatapoints Uses

func (f *Forwarder) AddDatapoints(ctx context.Context, points []*datapoint.Datapoint) error

AddDatapoints writes the points to a file

func (*Forwarder) AddEvents Uses

func (f *Forwarder) AddEvents(ctx context.Context, events []*event.Event) error

AddEvents writes the events to a file

func (*Forwarder) AddSpans Uses

func (f *Forwarder) AddSpans(ctx context.Context, spans []*trace.Span) error

AddSpans writes the spans to a file

func (*Forwarder) Close Uses

func (f *Forwarder) Close() error

Close the file we write to

func (*Forwarder) Datapoints Uses

func (f *Forwarder) Datapoints() []*datapoint.Datapoint

Datapoints implements the sfxclient.Collector interface and returns all datapoints

func (*Forwarder) DebugDatapoints Uses

func (f *Forwarder) DebugDatapoints() []*datapoint.Datapoint

DebugDatapoints returns datapoints that are used for debugging

func (*Forwarder) DebugEndpoints Uses

func (f *Forwarder) DebugEndpoints() map[string]http.Handler

DebugEndpoints returns no http handlers

func (*Forwarder) DefaultDatapoints Uses

func (f *Forwarder) DefaultDatapoints() []*datapoint.Datapoint

DefaultDatapoints returns a set of default datapoints about the forwarder

func (*Forwarder) Pipeline Uses

func (f *Forwarder) Pipeline() int64

Pipeline returns 0 because csvforwarder doesn't buffer

func (*Forwarder) StartupFinished Uses

func (f *Forwarder) StartupFinished() error

StartupFinished can be called if you want to do something after startup is complete

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