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package sigsci

import "github.com/signalsciences/go-sigsci"

Package sigsci provides methods for interacting with the Signal Sciences API.



Package Files



const (
    RoleNoAccess = Role("none")
    RoleUnknown  = Role("unknown")
    RoleOwner    = Role("owner")
    RoleAdmin    = Role("admin")
    RoleUser     = Role("user")
    RoleObserver = Role("observer")

    // Deprecated corp/site roles
    RoleSiteNoAccess = Role("none")
    RoleSiteUnknown  = Role("unknown")
    RoleSiteOwner    = Role("owner")
    RoleSiteAdmin    = Role("admin")
    RoleSiteUser     = Role("user")
    RoleSiteObserver = Role("observer")
    RoleCorpOwner    = Role("corpOwner")
    RoleCorpUser     = Role("corpUser")

All available Roles

type ActivityEvent Uses

type ActivityEvent struct {
    ID          string
    EventType   string
    MsgData     map[string]string
    Message     string
    Attachments []struct{}
    Created     time.Time

ActivityEvent contains the data for activity page responses.

type Agent Uses

type Agent struct {
    AgentActive                 bool      `json:"agent.active"`
    AgentAddr                   string    `json:"agent.addr"`
    AgentArgs                   string    `json:"agent.args"`
    AgentBuildID                string    `json:"agent.build_id"`
    AgentCGroup                 string    `json:"agent.cgroup"`
    AgentConnectionsDropped     int       `json:"agent.connections_dropped"`
    AgentConnectionsOpen        int       `json:"agent.connections_open"`
    AgentConnectionsTotal       int       `json:"agent.connections_total"`
    AgentCurrentRequests        int       `json:"agent.current_requests"`
    AgentDecisionTime50th       float64   `json:"agent.decision_time_50th"`
    AgentDecisionTime95th       float64   `json:"agent.decision_time_95th"`
    AgentDecisionTime99th       float64   `json:"agent.decision_time_99th"`
    AgentEnabled                bool      `json:"agent.enabled"`
    AgentLastRuleUpdate         time.Time `json:"agent.last_rule_update"`
    AgentLastSeen               time.Time `json:"agent.last_seen"`
    AgentLatencyTime50th        float64   `json:"agent.latency_time_50th"`
    AgentLatencyTime95th        float64   `json:"agent.latency_time_95th"`
    AgentLatencyTime99th        float64   `json:"agent.latency_time_99th"`
    AgentMaxProcs               int       `json:"agent.max_procs"`
    AgentName                   string    `json:"agent.name"`
    AgentPID                    int       `json:"agent.pid"`
    AgentReadBytes              int       `json:"agent.read_bytes"`
    AgentRPCPostrequest         int       `json:"agent.rpc_postrequest"`
    AgentRPCPrerequest          int       `json:"agent.rpc_prerequest"`
    AgentRPCUpdaterequest       int       `json:"agent.rpc_updaterequest"`
    AgentRuleUpdates            int       `json:"agent.rule_updates"`
    AgentStatus                 string    `json:"agent.status"`
    AgentTimestamp              int       `json:"agent.timestamp"`
    AgentTimezone               string    `json:"agent.timezone"`
    AgentTimezoneOffset         int       `json:"agent.timezone_offset"`
    AgentUploadMetadataFailures int       `json:"agent.upload_metadata_failures"`
    AgentUploadSize             int       `json:"agent.upload_size"`
    AgentUptime                 int       `json:"agent.uptime"`
    AgentVersion                string    `json:"agent.version"`
    AgentVersionsBehind         int       `json:"agent.versions_behind"`
    AgentWriteBytes             int       `json:"agent.write_bytes"`
    HostAgentCPU                float64   `json:"host.agent_cpu"`
    HostArchitecture            string    `json:"host.architecture"`
    HostClockSkew               int       `json:"host.clock_skew"`
    HostCPU                     float64   `json:"host.cpu"`
    HostCPUMhz                  int       `json:"host.cpu_mhz"`
    HostInstanceType            string    `json:"host.instance_type"`
    HostNumCPU                  int       `json:"host.num_cpu"`
    HostOS                      string    `json:"host.os"`
    HostRemoteAddr              string    `json:"host.remote_addr"`
    ModuleDetected              bool      `json:"module.detected"`
    ModuleServer                string    `json:"module.server"`
    ModuleType                  string    `json:"module.type"`
    ModuleVersion               string    `json:"module.version"`
    ModuleVersionsBehind        int       `json:"module.versions_behind"`
    RuntimeGcPauseMillis        float64   `json:"runtime.gc_pause_millis"`
    RuntimeMemSize              int       `json:"mem_size"`
    RuntimeNumGc                int       `json:"num_gc"`
    RuntimeNumGoroutines        int       `json:"num_goroutines"`

Agent contains the data for an agent

type AgentLog Uses

type AgentLog struct {
    Hostname  string    `json:"hostName"`
    LogLevel  string    `json:"logLevel"`
    Message   string    `json:"message"`
    CreatedAt time.Time `json:"createdAt"`

AgentLog is an agent log

type Client Uses

type Client struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Client is the API client

func NewClient Uses

func NewClient(email, password string) (Client, error)

NewClient authenticates and returns a Client API client

func NewTokenClient Uses

func NewTokenClient(email, token string) Client

NewTokenClient creates a Client using token authentication

func (*Client) AddBlacklistIP Uses

func (sc *Client) AddBlacklistIP(corpName, siteName string, body ListIPBody) (ListIP, error)

AddBlacklistIP adds an IP address to the blacklist.

func (sc *Client) AddHeaderLink(corpName, siteName string, body HeaderLinkBody) ([]HeaderLink, error)

AddHeaderLink adds a header link.

func (*Client) AddIntegration Uses

func (sc *Client) AddIntegration(corpName, siteName string, body IntegrationBody) ([]Integration, error)

AddIntegration adds an integration.

func (*Client) AddRedaction Uses

func (sc *Client) AddRedaction(corpName, siteName string, body RedactionBody) ([]Redaction, error)

AddRedaction adds a redaction.

func (*Client) AddSiteMember Uses

func (sc *Client) AddSiteMember(corpName, siteName, email string) (SiteMemberResponse, error)

AddSiteMember adds an existing user to a site by email.

func (*Client) AddSiteMembers Uses

func (sc *Client) AddSiteMembers(corpName, siteName string, body siteMembersBody) ([]SiteMember, error)

AddSiteMembers adds one or more existing users to a site.

func (*Client) AddWhitelistIP Uses

func (sc *Client) AddWhitelistIP(corpName, siteName string, body ListIPBody) (ListIP, error)

AddWhitelistIP adds an IP address to the whitelist.

func (*Client) CreateCustomAlert Uses

func (sc *Client) CreateCustomAlert(corpName, siteName string, body CustomAlertBody) (CustomAlert, error)

CreateCustomAlert creates a custom alert.

func (*Client) DeleteBlacklistIP Uses

func (sc *Client) DeleteBlacklistIP(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteBlacklistIP deletes a blacklisted IP by id.

func (*Client) DeleteCorpUser Uses

func (sc *Client) DeleteCorpUser(corpName, email string) error

DeleteCorpUser deletes a user from the given corp.

func (*Client) DeleteCustomAlert Uses

func (sc *Client) DeleteCustomAlert(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteCustomAlert deletes a custom alert.

func (sc *Client) DeleteHeaderLink(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteHeaderLink deletes a header link by id.

func (*Client) DeleteIntegration Uses

func (sc *Client) DeleteIntegration(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteIntegration deletes a redaction by id.

func (*Client) DeleteRedaction Uses

func (sc *Client) DeleteRedaction(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteRedaction deletes a redaction by id.

func (*Client) DeleteSiteMember Uses

func (sc *Client) DeleteSiteMember(corpName, siteName, email string) error

DeleteSiteMember deletes a site member by email.

func (*Client) DeleteWhitelistIP Uses

func (sc *Client) DeleteWhitelistIP(corpName, siteName, id string) error

DeleteWhitelistIP deletes a whitelisted IP by id.

func (*Client) DisableSiteMonitor Uses

func (sc *Client) DisableSiteMonitor(corpName, siteName string) error

DisableSiteMonitor disables the site monitor URL for a given site.

func (*Client) EnableSiteMonitor Uses

func (sc *Client) EnableSiteMonitor(corpName, siteName string) error

EnableSiteMonitor enables the site monitor URL for a given site.

func (*Client) ExpireEvent Uses

func (sc *Client) ExpireEvent(corpName, siteName, id string) (Event, error)

ExpireEvent expires an event by ID.

func (*Client) GenerateSiteMonitor Uses

func (sc *Client) GenerateSiteMonitor(corpName, siteName string) (SiteMonitor, error)

GenerateSiteMonitor generates a site monitor URL.

func (*Client) GetAgent Uses

func (sc *Client) GetAgent(corpName, siteName, agentName string) (Agent, error)

GetAgent gets an agent by name.

func (*Client) GetAgentLogs Uses

func (sc *Client) GetAgentLogs(corpName, siteName, agentName string) ([]AgentLog, error)

GetAgentLogs gets agent logs for a given agent.

func (*Client) GetCorp Uses

func (sc *Client) GetCorp(corpName string) (Corp, error)

GetCorp gets a corp by name.

func (*Client) GetCorpUser Uses

func (sc *Client) GetCorpUser(corpName, email string) (CorpUser, error)

GetCorpUser gets a corp user by email.

func (*Client) GetCustomAlert Uses

func (sc *Client) GetCustomAlert(corpName, siteName, id string) (CustomAlert, error)

GetCustomAlert gets a custom alert by ID

func (*Client) GetEvent Uses

func (sc *Client) GetEvent(corpName, siteName, id string) (Event, error)

GetEvent gets an event by ID.

func (sc *Client) GetHeaderLink(corpName, siteName, id string) (HeaderLink, error)

GetHeaderLink gets a header link by id.

func (*Client) GetIntegration Uses

func (sc *Client) GetIntegration(corpName, siteName, id string) (Integration, error)

GetIntegration gets an integration by id.

func (*Client) GetOverviewReport Uses

func (sc *Client) GetOverviewReport(corpName string, query url.Values) ([]OverviewSite, error)

GetOverviewReport gets the overview report data for a given corp.

func (*Client) GetRedaction Uses

func (sc *Client) GetRedaction(corpName, siteName, id string) (Redaction, error)

GetRedaction gets a redaction by id.

func (*Client) GetRequest Uses

func (sc *Client) GetRequest(corpName, siteName, id string) (Request, error)

GetRequest gets a request by id.

func (*Client) GetRequestFeed Uses

func (sc *Client) GetRequestFeed(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) (next string, requests []Request, err error)

GetRequestFeed gets the request feed for the site.

func (*Client) GetSite Uses

func (sc *Client) GetSite(corpName, siteName string) (Site, error)

GetSite gets a site by name.

func (*Client) GetSiteMember Uses

func (sc *Client) GetSiteMember(corpName, siteName, email string) (SiteMember, error)

GetSiteMember gets a site member by email.

func (*Client) GetSiteMonitor Uses

func (sc *Client) GetSiteMonitor(corpName, siteName, email string) (SiteMonitor, error)

GetSiteMonitor gets the site monitor URL.

func (*Client) GetTimeseries Uses

func (sc *Client) GetTimeseries(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) ([]Timeseries, error)

GetTimeseries gets timeseries request info.

func (*Client) InviteSiteMember Uses

func (sc *Client) InviteSiteMember(corpName, siteName, email string, body SiteMemberBody) (SiteMemberResponse, error)

InviteSiteMember invites a new user to a site by email.

func (*Client) InviteUser Uses

func (sc *Client) InviteUser(corpName, email string, invite CorpUserInvite) (CorpUser, error)

InviteUser invites a user by email to a corp.


email := "[email]"
password := "[password]"
sc, err := NewClient(email, password)
if err != nil {

invite := NewCorpUserInvite(RoleCorpUser, []SiteMembership{
    NewSiteMembership("www.mysite.com", RoleSiteOwner),

_, err = sc.InviteUser("testcorp", "test@test.net", invite)
if err != nil {

func (*Client) ListAgents Uses

func (sc *Client) ListAgents(corpName, siteName string) ([]Agent, error)

ListAgents lists agents for a given corp and site.

func (*Client) ListBlacklistIPs Uses

func (sc *Client) ListBlacklistIPs(corpName, siteName string) ([]ListIP, error)

ListBlacklistIPs lists blacklisted IP addresses.

func (*Client) ListCorpActivity Uses

func (sc *Client) ListCorpActivity(corpName string, limit, page int) ([]ActivityEvent, error)

ListCorpActivity lists activity events for a given corp.

func (*Client) ListCorpUsers Uses

func (sc *Client) ListCorpUsers(corpName string) ([]CorpUser, error)

ListCorpUsers lists corp users.

func (*Client) ListCorps Uses

func (sc *Client) ListCorps() ([]Corp, error)

ListCorps lists corps.

func (*Client) ListCustomAlerts Uses

func (sc *Client) ListCustomAlerts(corpName, siteName string) ([]CustomAlert, error)

ListCustomAlerts lists custom alerts for a given corp and site.

func (*Client) ListEvents Uses

func (sc *Client) ListEvents(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) ([]Event, error)

ListEvents lists events for a given site.

func (sc *Client) ListHeaderLinks(corpName, siteName string) ([]HeaderLink, error)

ListHeaderLinks lists header links.

func (*Client) ListIntegrations Uses

func (sc *Client) ListIntegrations(corpName, siteName string) ([]Integration, error)

ListIntegrations lists integrations.

func (*Client) ListParams Uses

func (sc *Client) ListParams(corpName, siteName string) ([]Param, error)

ListParams lists whitelisted parameters.

func (*Client) ListPaths Uses

func (sc *Client) ListPaths(corpName, siteName string) ([]Path, error)

ListPaths lists whitelisted paths.

func (*Client) ListRedactions Uses

func (sc *Client) ListRedactions(corpName, siteName string) ([]Redaction, error)

ListRedactions lists redactions.

func (*Client) ListSiteActivity Uses

func (sc *Client) ListSiteActivity(corpName, siteName string, limit, page int) ([]ActivityEvent, error)

ListSiteActivity lists activity events for a given site.

func (*Client) ListSiteMembers Uses

func (sc *Client) ListSiteMembers(corpName, siteName string) ([]SiteMember, error)

ListSiteMembers lists site members.

func (*Client) ListSites Uses

func (sc *Client) ListSites(corpName string) ([]Site, error)

ListSites lists sites for a given corp.

func (*Client) ListSuspiciousIPs Uses

func (sc *Client) ListSuspiciousIPs(corpName, siteName string) ([]SuspiciousIP, error)

ListSuspiciousIPs lists suspicious IPs.

func (*Client) ListTopAttacks Uses

func (sc *Client) ListTopAttacks(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) ([]TopAttack, error)

ListTopAttacks lists top attacks.

func (*Client) ListWhitelistIPs Uses

func (sc *Client) ListWhitelistIPs(corpName, siteName string) ([]ListIP, error)

ListWhitelistIPs lists whitelisted IP addresses.

func (*Client) SearchRequests Uses

func (sc *Client) SearchRequests(corpName, siteName string, query url.Values) (next string, requests []Request, err error)

SearchRequests searches requests.

func (*Client) UpdateCorp Uses

func (sc *Client) UpdateCorp(corpName string, body UpdateCorpBody) (Corp, error)

UpdateCorp updates a corp by name.

func (*Client) UpdateCustomAlert Uses

func (sc *Client) UpdateCustomAlert(corpName, siteName, id string, body CustomAlertBody) (CustomAlert, error)

UpdateCustomAlert updates a custom alert by id.

func (*Client) UpdateIntegration Uses

func (sc *Client) UpdateIntegration(corpName, siteName, id string, body UpdateIntegrationBody) error

UpdateIntegration updates an integration by id.

func (*Client) UpdateRedaction Uses

func (sc *Client) UpdateRedaction(corpName, siteName, id string, body UpdateRedactionBody) (Redaction, error)

UpdateRedaction updates a redaction by id.

func (*Client) UpdateSite Uses

func (sc *Client) UpdateSite(corpName, siteName string, body UpdateSiteBody) (Site, error)

UpdateSite updates a site by name.

type Corp Uses

type Corp struct {
    Name                   string
    DisplayName            string
    SmallIconURI           string
    Created                time.Time
    SiteLimit              int
    Sites                  map[string]string
    AuthType               string
    MFAEnforced            bool
    SessionMaxAgeDashboard int

Corp contains details for a corp.

type CorpUser Uses

type CorpUser struct {
    Name        string
    Email       string
    Memberships map[string]string
    Role        string
    Status      string
    MFAEnabled  bool
    AuthStatus  string
    Created     time.Time

CorpUser contains details for a corp user.

type CorpUserInvite Uses

type CorpUserInvite struct {
    Role        Role              `json:"role"`
    Memberships inviteMemberships `json:"memberships"`

CorpUserInvite is the request struct for inviting a user to a corp.

func NewCorpUserInvite Uses

func NewCorpUserInvite(corpRole Role, memberships []SiteMembership) CorpUserInvite

NewCorpUserInvite creates a new invitation struct for inviting a user to a corp.

type CustomAlert Uses

type CustomAlert struct {
    ID        string
    SiteID    string
    TagName   string
    Interval  int
    Threshold int
    Enabled   bool
    Action    string
    Created   time.Time

CustomAlert contains the data for a custom alert

type CustomAlertBody Uses

type CustomAlertBody struct {
    TagName   string `json:"tagName"`
    LongName  string `json:"longName"`
    Interval  int    `json:"interval"`
    Threshold int    `json:"threshold"`
    Enabled   bool   `json:"enabled"`
    Action    string `json:"action"`

CustomAlertBody is the body for creating a custom alert.

type Event Uses

type Event struct {
    ID                string
    Timestamp         time.Time
    Source            string
    RemoteCountryCode string
    RemoteHostname    string
    UserAgents        []string
    Action            string
    Type              string
    Reasons           map[string]int
    RequestCount      int
    TagCount          int
    Window            int
    Expires           time.Time
    ExpiredBy         string

Event is a request event.

type HeaderLink struct {
    ID        string
    Type      string
    Name      string
    LinkName  string
    Link      string
    CreatedBy string
    Created   time.Time

HeaderLink contains the data for a response or request header link

type HeaderLinkBody Uses

type HeaderLinkBody struct {
    Type     string `json:"type"`
    Name     string `json:"name"`
    LinkName string `json:"linkName"`
    Link     string `json:"link"`

HeaderLinkBody is the body for creating a header link.

type Integration Uses

type Integration struct {
    ID        string
    Name      string
    Type      string
    URL       string
    Events    []string
    Active    bool
    Note      string
    CreatedBy string
    Created   time.Time

Integration contains the data for an integration

type IntegrationBody Uses

type IntegrationBody struct {
    URL    string   `json:"url"`
    Type   string   `json:"type"`
    Events []string `json:"events"`

IntegrationBody is the body for adding an integration.

type ListIP Uses

type ListIP struct {
    ID        string
    Source    string
    Expires   time.Time `json:"omitempty"`
    Note      string
    CreatedBy string
    Created   time.Time

ListIP is a whitelisted or blacklisted IP address.

type ListIPBody Uses

type ListIPBody struct {
    Source  string    `json:"source"`
    Note    string    `json:"note"`
    Expires time.Time `json:"expires,omitempty"`

ListIPBody is the body for adding an IP to the whitelist or blacklist.

func (ListIPBody) MarshalJSON Uses

func (b ListIPBody) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON is a custom JSON marshal method for ListIPBody so that Expires can be formatted as RFC3339

type OverviewSite Uses

type OverviewSite struct {
    Name             string
    DisplayName      string
    TotalCount       int
    BlockedCount     int
    FlaggedCount     int
    AttackCount      int
    FlaggedIPCount   int
    TopAttackTypes   []topAttackType
    TopAttackSources []topAttackSource

OverviewSite is a site in the overview report.

type Param Uses

type Param struct {
    ID        string
    Name      string
    Type      string
    Note      string
    CreatedBy string
    Created   time.Time

Param is a whitelisted parameter.

type Path Uses

type Path struct {
    ID        string
    Path      string
    Note      string
    CreatedBy string
    Created   time.Time

Path is a whitelisted path.

type Redaction Uses

type Redaction struct {
    ID            string
    Field         string
    RedactionType int
    CreatedBy     string
    Created       time.Time

Redaction contains the data for a privacy redaction

type RedactionBody Uses

type RedactionBody struct {
    Field         string `json:"field"`
    RedactionType int    `json:"redactionType"`

RedactionBody is the body for adding a redaction. Type of redaction (0: Request Parameter, 1: Request Header, 2: Response Header)

type Request Uses

type Request struct {
    ID                string
    ServerHostname    string
    RemoteIP          string
    RemoteHostname    string
    RemoteCountryCode string
    UserAgent         string
    Timestamp         time.Time
    Method            string
    ServerName        string
    Protocol          string
    Path              string
    URI               string
    ResponseCode      int
    ResponseSize      int
    ResponseMillis    int
    AgentResponseCode int
    Tags              []RequestTag

Request contains the data for a request

type RequestTag Uses

type RequestTag struct {
    Type     string
    Location string
    Value    string
    Detector string

RequestTag is a tag in a request

type Role Uses

type Role string

Role is a corp or site role

type Site Uses

type Site struct {
    Name                 string
    DisplayName          string
    AgentLevel           string
    BlockHTTPCode        int
    BlockDurationSeconds int
    Created              time.Time
    Whitelist            map[string]string
    Blacklist            map[string]string
    Events               map[string]string
    Requests             map[string]string
    Redactions           map[string]string
    SuspiciousIPs        map[string]string
    Monitors             map[string]string
    Pathwhitelist        map[string]string
    Paramwhitelist       map[string]string
    Integrations         map[string]string
    HeaderLinks          map[string]string
    Agents               map[string]string
    Alerts               map[string]string
    AnalyticsEvents      map[string]string
    TopAttacks           map[string]string
    Members              map[string]string

Site contains details for a site.

type SiteMember Uses

type SiteMember struct {
    User SiteMemberUser
    Role Role

SiteMember contains the data for a site member

type SiteMemberBody Uses

type SiteMemberBody struct {
    Role Role `json:"role"`

SiteMemberBody is the body for inviting a user to a site.

type SiteMemberResponse Uses

type SiteMemberResponse struct {
    Email  string
    Role   Role
    Status string

SiteMemberResponse is the response for inviting a user to a site.

type SiteMemberUser Uses

type SiteMemberUser struct {
    Name   string
    Email  string
    Status string

SiteMemberUser is the embedded user object in the site members response.

type SiteMembership Uses

type SiteMembership struct {
    Site site `json:"site"`
    Role Role `json:"role"`

SiteMembership contains the data needed for inviting a member to a site.

func NewSiteMembership Uses

func NewSiteMembership(name string, role Role) SiteMembership

NewSiteMembership returns a new site membership object for the given site name and role.

type SiteMonitor Uses

type SiteMonitor struct {
    ID        string
    URL       string
    Share     bool
    CreatedBy string
    Created   time.Time

SiteMonitor is a monitor URL for a site.

type SuspiciousIP Uses

type SuspiciousIP struct {
    Source            string
    Percent           int
    RemoteCountryCode string    `json:"remoteCountryCode"`
    RemoteHostname    string    `json:"remoteHostname"`
    TagName           string    `json:"tagName"`
    ShortName         string    `json:"shortName"`
    IntervalStart     time.Time `json:"interval_start"`
    Timestamp         time.Time

SuspiciousIP is a suspicious IP.

type Timeseries Uses

type Timeseries struct {
    Type         string
    From         int
    Until        int
    Inc          int
    Data         []int
    SummaryCount int
    TotalPoints  int

Timeseries contains timeseries request info.

type TopAttack Uses

type TopAttack struct {
    Value string
    Label string
    Count int

TopAttack is a top attack.

type UpdateCorpBody Uses

type UpdateCorpBody struct {
    DisplayName            string `json:"displayName,omitempty"`
    SmallIconURI           string `json:"smallIconURI,omitempty"`
    SessionMaxAgeDashboard int    `json:"sessionMaxAgeDashboard,omitempty"`

UpdateCorpBody is the body for the UpdateCorp method.

type UpdateIntegrationBody Uses

type UpdateIntegrationBody struct {
    URL    string   `json:"url,omitempty"`
    Events []string `json:"smallIconURI,omitempty"`

UpdateIntegrationBody is the body for updating an integration.

type UpdateRedactionBody Uses

type UpdateRedactionBody struct {
    Field         string `json:"field,omitempty"`
    RedactionType int    `json:"redactionType,omitempty"`

UpdateRedactionBody is the body for updating an integration.

type UpdateSiteBody Uses

type UpdateSiteBody struct {
    DisplayName          string `json:"displayName,omitempty"`
    AgentLevel           string `json:"agentLevel,omitempty"`
    BlockDurationSeconds int    `json:"blockDurationSeconds,omitempty"`

UpdateSiteBody is the body for the update site method.

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