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package vgsvg

import ""

Package vgsvg uses svgo ( as a backend for vg.


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type Canvas Uses

type Canvas struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(w, h vg.Length) *Canvas

func (*Canvas) DPI Uses

func (c *Canvas) DPI() float64

func (*Canvas) Fill Uses

func (c *Canvas) Fill(path vg.Path)

func (*Canvas) FillString Uses

func (c *Canvas) FillString(font vg.Font, x, y vg.Length, str string)

func (*Canvas) Pop Uses

func (c *Canvas) Pop()

func (*Canvas) Push Uses

func (c *Canvas) Push()

func (*Canvas) Rotate Uses

func (c *Canvas) Rotate(rot float64)

func (*Canvas) Scale Uses

func (c *Canvas) Scale(x, y float64)

func (*Canvas) SetColor Uses

func (c *Canvas) SetColor(clr color.Color)

func (*Canvas) SetLineDash Uses

func (c *Canvas) SetLineDash(dashes []vg.Length, offs vg.Length)

func (*Canvas) SetLineWidth Uses

func (c *Canvas) SetLineWidth(w vg.Length)

func (*Canvas) Size Uses

func (c *Canvas) Size() (w, h vg.Length)

func (*Canvas) Stroke Uses

func (c *Canvas) Stroke(path vg.Path)

func (*Canvas) Translate Uses

func (c *Canvas) Translate(x, y vg.Length)

func (*Canvas) WriteTo Uses

func (c *Canvas) WriteTo(w io.Writer) (int64, error)

WriteTo writes the canvas to an io.Writer.

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