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package migration1568833756

import ""


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func Migrate Uses

func Migrate(tx *gorm.DB) error

Migrate Initiator parameter 'Text' to support External Initaitor generic JSON parameters.

type Initiator Uses

type Initiator struct {
    ID         uint       `gorm:"primary_key;auto_increment"`
    JobSpecID  *models.ID `gorm:"index;type:varchar(36) REFERENCES job_specs(id)"`
    Type       string     `gorm:"index;not null"`
    CreatedAt  time.Time  `gorm:"index"`
    Schedule   models.Cron
    Time       models.AnyTime
    Ran        bool
    Address    common.Address           `gorm:"index"`
    Requesters models.AddressCollection `gorm:"type:text"`
    Name       string
    Params     string
    DeletedAt  null.Time `gorm:"index"`

Initiator could be thought of as a trigger, defines how a Job can be started, or rather, how a JobRun can be created from a Job. Initiators will have their own unique ID, but will be associated to a parent JobID.

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