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package rds

import "github.com/sorenmat/k8s-rds/rds"


Package Files

rds_provider.go service.go

type RDS Uses

type RDS struct {
    EC2             *ec2.Client
    Subnets         []string
    SecurityGroups  []string
    VpcId           string
    ServiceProvider provider.ServiceProvider

func New Uses

func New(db *crd.Database, kc *kubernetes.Clientset) (*RDS, error)

func (*RDS) CreateDatabase Uses

func (r *RDS) CreateDatabase(db *crd.Database) (string, error)

CreateDatabase creates a database from the CRD database object, is also ensures that the correct subnets are created for the database so we can access it

func (*RDS) CreateService Uses

func (k *RDS) CreateService(namespace string, hostname string, internalname string) error

CreateService Creates or updates a service in Kubernetes with the new information

func (*RDS) DeleteDatabase Uses

func (r *RDS) DeleteDatabase(db *crd.Database) error

func (*RDS) DeleteService Uses

func (k *RDS) DeleteService(namespace string, dbname string) error

func (*RDS) GetSecret Uses

func (k *RDS) GetSecret(namespace string, name string, key string) (string, error)

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