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package vault

import ""


Package Files

crypt.go key.go secret.go vault.go


var (
    // ErrEmptyPassword is returned when password is empty
    ErrEmptyPassword = errors.New("password is blank")

    // ErrInvalidFormat is returned when secret content is not valid
    ErrInvalidFormat = errors.New("invalid secret format")

    // ErrInvalidPadding is returned when invalid key is used
    ErrInvalidPadding = errors.New("invalid padding")

func Decrypt Uses

func Decrypt(input string, password string) (string, error)

Decrypt decrypts the input string with the vault password

func DecryptFile Uses

func DecryptFile(path string, password string) (string, error)

DecryptFile decrypts the content of the file with the vault password

func Encrypt Uses

func Encrypt(input string, password string) (string, error)

Encrypt encrypts the input string with the vault password

func EncryptFile Uses

func EncryptFile(path string, input string, password string) error

EncryptFile encrypts the input string and saves it into the file

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