go-dfl: github.com/spatialcurrent/go-dfl


cmd/dfldfl is the command line program for DFL.
cmd/dfl.global.jsdfl.global.js is the package for go-dfl that adds DFL functions to the global scope under the "dfl" variable.
cmd/dfl.mod.jsdfl.mod.js is the package for go-dfl that is built as a JavaScript module.
pkg/cliPackage cli is for
pkg/dflPackage dfl provides the interfaces, embedded structs, and implementing code for parsing, compiling, and evaluating Dynamic Filter Language (DFL) expressions.
pkg/dfl/builderPackage builder is for building DFL expressions.
pkg/dfljsPackage dfljs includes functions for the JavaScript build of go-dfl.
pkg/dfl/syntaxPackage syntax includes functions for parsing syntax.

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