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package emepwetdep

import ""

Package emepwetdep provides a atmospheric wet deposition algorithm from the EMEP model.


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func WetDeposition Uses

func WetDeposition(indices func() (SO2, OtherGas, PM25)) inmap.CellManipulator

WetDeposition returns a function that calculates particle removal by wet deposition. The function arguments represent array indices of the chemical species. Each species can be associated with more than one array index.

type OtherGas Uses

type OtherGas []int

OtherGas specifies array indicies that hold non-SO2 gas concentrations.

type PM25 Uses

type PM25 []int

PM25 specifies array indicies that hold fine particulate matter concentrations.

type SO2 Uses

type SO2 []int

SO2 specifies array indicies that hold sulfur dioxide concentrations.

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