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package dock

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/dock"

Package dock wraps all backends and clients to start a dock.


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var (
    // CustomHacks defines developer optional custom settings launched during init.
    CustomHacks = func() {}

func Run Uses

func Run(log cdtype.Logger, getSettings func() maindock.DockSettings) bool

Run starts dock routines and locks the main thread with gtk.

It wraps all backends and clients to start a dock : Dbus server, applets manager, GUI, menu and gldi.

Dbus service is enabled by default. Mandatory if enabled, to provide remote control. This will prevent launching a 2nd instance without the disable Dbus service option.

You can add custom changes, launched before the start, with CustomHacks.

Run returns true if the dock is able to start. This can be done with:

gldi.Lock()      // alias for gtk_main.
maindock.Clean() // may be better with defer, but cause confused panic messages.


confownPackage confown manages the own config of the dock and its GUI
eventmousePackage eventmouse registers and handles icon click events.
guibridgePackage guibridge provides a bridge between the dock and its config window.
maindockPackage maindock is a wrapper to build a dock interface.
mainmenuPackage mainmenu fills the main menu for cairo-dock.

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