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package guibridge

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/dock/guibridge"

Package guibridge provides a bridge between the dock and its config window.

It can create the config widget and window connected to the data source, and forward dock events to update the GUI.

Implements backendgui.GuiInterface.


Package Files


type Bridge Uses

type Bridge struct {
    Widget *confgui.GuiConfigure
    Source datatype.Source
    Log    cdtype.Logger

Bridge provides the internal dock interface to the GUI.

func New Uses

func New(log cdtype.Logger) *Bridge

New creates a GUI bridge that will answer to all GUI events.

func (*Bridge) CloseGui Uses

func (gc *Bridge) CloseGui()

CloseGui closes the configuration window.

func (*Bridge) Create Uses

func (gc *Bridge) Create()

Create creates the config window.

func (*Bridge) ReloadCurrentWidget Uses

func (gc *Bridge) ReloadCurrentWidget(moduleInstance *gldi.ModuleInstance, showPage int)

ReloadCurrentWidget is unused. TODO.

func (*Bridge) ReloadItems Uses

func (gc *Bridge) ReloadItems()

ReloadItems forwards the dock event to the GUI if loaded.

func (*Bridge) SetStatusMessage Uses

func (gc *Bridge) SetStatusMessage(message string)

SetStatusMessage is unused. TODO.

func (*Bridge) ShowAddons Uses

func (gc *Bridge) ShowAddons()

ShowAddons opens the GUI and displays the applets page.

func (*Bridge) ShowItems Uses

func (gc *Bridge) ShowItems(icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, moduleInstance *gldi.ModuleInstance, showPage int)

ShowItems opens the GUI and displays the given item icon config.

func (*Bridge) ShowMainGui Uses

func (gc *Bridge) ShowMainGui()

ShowMainGui opens the GUI and displays the dock config page.

func (*Bridge) ShowModuleGui Uses

func (gc *Bridge) ShowModuleGui(key string)

ShowModuleGui opens the GUI and should display an item of the config page.

TODO: maybe rename. (was to display an applets config and is used only for Help ATM)

func (*Bridge) ShowModuleInstanceGui Uses

func (gc *Bridge) ShowModuleInstanceGui(pModuleInstance *gldi.ModuleInstance, iShowPage int)

ShowModuleInstanceGui is unused. TODO.

func (*Bridge) UpdateDeskletParams Uses

func (gc *Bridge) UpdateDeskletParams(desklet *gldi.Desklet)

UpdateDeskletParams forwards the dock event to the GUI.

func (*Bridge) UpdateDeskletVisibility Uses

func (gc *Bridge) UpdateDeskletVisibility(desklet *gldi.Desklet)

UpdateDeskletVisibility forwards the dock event to the GUI.

func (*Bridge) UpdateModuleInstanceContainer Uses

func (gc *Bridge) UpdateModuleInstanceContainer(instance *gldi.ModuleInstance, detached bool)

UpdateModuleInstanceContainer forwards the dock event to the GUI. TODO.

func (*Bridge) UpdateModuleState Uses

func (gc *Bridge) UpdateModuleState(name string, active bool)

UpdateModuleState forwards the dock event to the GUI if loaded.

func (*Bridge) UpdateModulesList Uses

func (gc *Bridge) UpdateModulesList()

UpdateModulesList forwards the dock event to the GUI if loaded.

func (*Bridge) UpdateShortkeys Uses

func (gc *Bridge) UpdateShortkeys()

UpdateShortkeys forwards the dock event to the GUI if loaded.

func (*Bridge) Window Uses

func (gc *Bridge) Window() cftype.WinLike

Window returns the pointer to the parent window.

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