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package maindock

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/dock/maindock"

Package maindock is a wrapper to build a dock interface.


_cairo_dock_successful_launch - Happy New Year message.
extern gboolean g_bEasterEggs;
crash tests and recovery. Not sure what to do about it.
  static gint s_iNbCrashes = 0;
  static gboolean s_bSucessfulLaunch = FALSE;
  static GString *s_pLaunchCommand = NULL;


Package Files


func Clean Uses

func Clean()

Clean cleans the dock variables on stop.

func SetLogger Uses

func SetLogger(l cdtype.Logger)

SetLogger provides a common logger for the dock. It must be set to start a dock.

type DockSettings Uses

type DockSettings struct {
    // --- Original Cairo-Dock settings ---
    ForceCairo     bool
    ForceOpenGL    bool
    IndirectOpenGL bool
    AskBackend     bool
    Env            string

    UserDefinedDataDir string
    ThemeServer        string

    Delay              int
    Exclude            []string
    SafeMode           bool
    MetacityWorkaround bool
    Verbosity          string
    ForceColor         bool

    Locked     bool
    KeepAbove  bool
    NoSticky   bool
    ModulesDir string

    // --- New Dock settings ---
    WebHost     string
    WebPort     int
    WebMonitor  bool
    DisableDBus bool
    Debug       bool
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DockSettings defines the dock settings provided as command flags.

func (*DockSettings) Init Uses

func (settings *DockSettings) Init()

Init is the first step to initialize the dock.

func (*DockSettings) Start Uses

func (settings *DockSettings) Start()

Start starts the dock theme and apply last settings.

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