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package backendgui

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/gldi/backendgui"

Package backendgui provides a GUI interface to interact with the dock GUI.


Package Files


func CanManageThemes Uses

func CanManageThemes() bool

CanManageThemes returns if the backend can configure themes.

Unused yet (but should be possible to activate now).

func CloseGui Uses

func CloseGui()

CloseGui closes the configuration window.

func Register Uses

func Register(gui GuiInterface)

Register registers a GUI to the backend, allowing it to receive GUI events.

func ReloadCurrentWidget Uses

func ReloadCurrentWidget(moduleInstance *gldi.ModuleInstance, showPage int)

ReloadCurrentWidget reloads the current widget page.

func ReloadItems Uses

func ReloadItems()

ReloadItems reloads the items page.

export ReloadItems

func SetStatusMessage Uses

func SetStatusMessage(message string)

SetStatusMessage is unused.

func ShowAddons Uses

func ShowAddons() cftype.WinLike

ShowAddons opens the addons page of the GUI.

func ShowItems Uses

func ShowItems(icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, moduleInstance *gldi.ModuleInstance, showPage int) cftype.WinLike

ShowItems opens the icons page of the GUI to configure the given item.

func ShowMainGui Uses

func ShowMainGui() cftype.WinLike

ShowMainGui shows the main config page of the GUI.

func ShowModuleGui Uses

func ShowModuleGui(appletName string) cftype.WinLike

ShowModuleGui opens the icons page of the GUI for the specific applet.

func ShowModuleInstanceGui Uses

func ShowModuleInstanceGui(moduleInstance *gldi.ModuleInstance, showPage int)

ShowModuleInstanceGui opens the icons page of the GUI to configure the given applet.

func UpdateDeskletParams Uses

func UpdateDeskletParams(desklet *gldi.Desklet)

UpdateDeskletParams updates desklets params of an applet.

func UpdateDeskletVisibility Uses

func UpdateDeskletVisibility(desklet *gldi.Desklet)

UpdateDeskletVisibility updates the desklet visibility widget of an applet.

func UpdateModuleInstanceContainer Uses

func UpdateModuleInstanceContainer(moduleInstance *gldi.ModuleInstance, detached bool)

UpdateModuleInstanceContainer updates the container widget of an applet.

func UpdateModuleState Uses

func UpdateModuleState(name string, active bool)

UpdateModuleState updates the state of an applet.

func UpdateModulesList Uses

func UpdateModulesList()

UpdateModulesList updates the list of applets.

export UpdateModulesList

func UpdateShortkeys Uses

func UpdateShortkeys()

UpdateShortkeys updates the shortkeys list.

export UpdateShortkeys

type GuiInterface Uses

type GuiInterface interface {
    ShowMainGui()                                                    //
    ShowModuleGui(appletName string)                                 //
    ShowItems(gldi.Icon, *gldi.Container, *gldi.ModuleInstance, int) //

    // ReloadCategoryWidget()
    // Reload()

    UpdateModuleState(name string, active bool)
    UpdateModuleInstanceContainer(instance *gldi.ModuleInstance, detached bool)

    SetStatusMessage(message string)
    ReloadCurrentWidget(moduleInstance *gldi.ModuleInstance, showPage int)
    ShowModuleInstanceGui(*gldi.ModuleInstance, int) //

    Window() cftype.WinLike

GuiInterface defines the interface to the gldi GUI backend.

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