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package current

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/gldi/current"

Package current provides access to the dock current theme variables.


Package Files



var Taskbar = TaskbarParamType{}

Taskbar gives access to the dock myTaskbarParam.

func DockIsLocked Uses

func DockIsLocked() bool

DockIsLocked returns if the dock is locked or not.

type DocksParamType Uses

type DocksParamType struct{}

DocksParamType is a pseudo wrapper around the dock myDocksParam.

var Docks DocksParamType

Docks gives access to the dock myDocksParam.

func (DocksParamType) FrameMargin Uses

func (DocksParamType) FrameMargin() int

FrameMargin defines a margin. TODO complete doc.

func (DocksParamType) LineWidth Uses

func (DocksParamType) LineWidth() int

LineWidth defines the dock border line width.

func (DocksParamType) LockAll Uses

func (DocksParamType) LockAll(b ...bool) bool

LockAll gets and sets the lock all state.

func (DocksParamType) LockIcons Uses

func (DocksParamType) LockIcons(b ...bool) bool

LockIcons gets and sets the user lock icon state.

func (DocksParamType) Radius Uses

func (DocksParamType) Radius() int

Radius defines the radius of dock corners.

func (DocksParamType) ShowSubDockOnClick Uses

func (DocksParamType) ShowSubDockOnClick() bool

ShowSubDockOnClick returns whether we need to show the subdock when icon is clicked or not.

type IconsParamType Uses

type IconsParamType struct{}

IconsParamType is a pseudo wrapper around the dock myIconsParam.

var Icons IconsParamType

Icons gives access to the dock myIconsParam.

func (IconsParamType) Amplitude Uses

func (IconsParamType) Amplitude() float64

Amplitude defines the default icon pmplitude.

func (IconsParamType) Gap Uses

func (IconsParamType) Gap() int

Gap defines the default icon gap.

func (IconsParamType) Height Uses

func (IconsParamType) Height() int

Height defines the default icon height.

func (IconsParamType) LabelSize Uses

func (IconsParamType) LabelSize() int

LabelSize defines the default icon label size.

func (IconsParamType) RevolveSeparator Uses

func (IconsParamType) RevolveSeparator() bool

RevolveSeparator TODO FIND USAGE.

func (IconsParamType) SeparatorHeight Uses

func (IconsParamType) SeparatorHeight() int

SeparatorHeight defines the default separator height.

func (IconsParamType) SeparatorWidth Uses

func (IconsParamType) SeparatorWidth() int

SeparatorWidth defines the default separator width.

func (IconsParamType) Width Uses

func (IconsParamType) Width() int

Width defines the default icon width.

type TaskbarParamType Uses

type TaskbarParamType struct{}

TaskbarParamType is a pseudo wrapper around the dock myTaskbarParam.

func (TaskbarParamType) ActionOnMiddleClick Uses

func (TaskbarParamType) ActionOnMiddleClick() int

ActionOnMiddleClick returns the defined middle click action.

func (TaskbarParamType) MinimizeOnClick Uses

func (TaskbarParamType) MinimizeOnClick() bool

MinimizeOnClick returns whether applications should be minimized on click.

func (TaskbarParamType) MixLauncherAppli Uses

func (TaskbarParamType) MixLauncherAppli() bool

MixLauncherAppli returns whether applications and launchers are mixed.

func (TaskbarParamType) OverWriteXIcons Uses

func (TaskbarParamType) OverWriteXIcons() bool

OverWriteXIcons returns whether default X (desktop) icons are overwritten.

func (TaskbarParamType) PresentClassOnClick Uses

func (TaskbarParamType) PresentClassOnClick() bool

PresentClassOnClick returns whether we need to show class windows when icon is clicked or not.

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