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package desktops

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/gldi/desktops"

Package desktops manages and get desktop and screens info.


Package Files


func CurrentDesktop Uses

func CurrentDesktop() int

CurrentDesktop returns the current desktop number.

func CurrentViewportX Uses

func CurrentViewportX() int

CurrentViewportX returns the current horizontal viewport number.

func CurrentViewportY Uses

func CurrentViewportY() int

CurrentViewportY returns the current vertical viewport number.

func Cycle Uses

func Cycle(up, loop bool)

Cycle switches to an adjacent desktop.

func HeightAll Uses

func HeightAll() int

HeightAll returns the desktop total height.

func NbDesktops Uses

func NbDesktops() int

NbDesktops returns the number of desktops.

func NbScreens Uses

func NbScreens() int

NbScreens returns the number of desktop screens.

func NbViewportX Uses

func NbViewportX() int

NbViewportX returns the number of horizontal viewports.

func NbViewportY Uses

func NbViewportY() int

NbViewportY returns the number of vertical viewports.

func ScreenPosition Uses

func ScreenPosition(i int) (int, int)

ScreenPosition returns the desktop screen position.

func Screens Uses

func Screens() []Screen

Screens returns the list of desktop screens.

func SetCurrent Uses

func SetCurrent(numDesktop, numViewportX, numViewportY int)

SetCurrent sets the desktop number displayed.

func WidthAll Uses

func WidthAll() int

WidthAll returns the desktop total width.

type Screen Uses

type Screen struct {
    ID int

Screen defines a desktop screen.

func (Screen) Height Uses

func (s Screen) Height() int

Height returns the height of a desktop screen.

func (Screen) Width Uses

func (s Screen) Width() int

Width returns the width of a desktop screen.

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