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package dialog

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/gldi/dialog"

Package dialog provides access to gldi dialogs.


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func ShowGeneralMessage Uses

func ShowGeneralMessage(str string, duration float64)

ShowGeneralMessage opens a simple dialog for general information message.

func ShowTemporaryWithIcon Uses

func ShowTemporaryWithIcon(str string, icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, duration float64, iconPath string)

ShowTemporaryWithIcon opens a simple dialog with a timeout.

func ShowWithQuestion Uses

func ShowWithQuestion(str string, icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, iconPath string, onAnswer func(int, *gtk.Widget))

ShowWithQuestion opens a dialog with a question to answer.

type Dialog Uses

type Dialog struct {
    Ptr *C.CairoDialog

Dialog wraps a dock dialog widget.

func NewDialog Uses

func NewDialog(icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, dialog cdtype.DialogData) *Dialog

NewDialog creates a custom dialog.

func NewDialogFromNative Uses

func NewDialogFromNative(p unsafe.Pointer) *Dialog

NewDialogFromNative wraps a pointer to a dock dialog.

func (*Dialog) ToNative Uses

func (o *Dialog) ToNative() unsafe.Pointer

ToNative returns a pointer to the native dock dialog.

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