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package docklist

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/gldi/docklist"


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func Animation Uses

func Animation() map[string]*gldi.Animation

Animation returns the list of dock animations.

func CairoDeskletDecoration Uses

func CairoDeskletDecoration() map[string]*gldi.CairoDeskletDecoration

CairoDeskletDecoration returns the list of dock desklet decorations.

func CairoDockRenderer Uses

func CairoDockRenderer() map[string]*gldi.CairoDockRenderer

CairoDockRenderer returns the list of dock renderers.

func Desklet Uses

func Desklet() []*gldi.Desklet

Desklet returns the list of active desklets.

func DialogDecorator Uses

func DialogDecorator() map[string]*gldi.DialogDecorator

DialogDecorator returns the list of dock dialog decorators.

func Module Uses

func Module() map[string]*gldi.Module

Module returns the list of dock modules.

func Shortkey Uses

func Shortkey() []cdglobal.Shortkeyer

Shortkey returns the list of dock shortkeys.

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