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package notif

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/gldi/notif"

Package notif registers dock notifications.


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const (
    // ActionLetPass is returned when the event is continued to be processed (C).

    // ActionLetPass is returned when the event is intercepted and blocked (C).

Signal intercept or let pass.

const (
    // AnswerLetPass is returned when the event is continued to be processed.
    AnswerLetPass = false

    // AnswerIntercept is returned when the event is intercepted and blocked.
    AnswerIntercept = true

func RegisterContainerDropData Uses

func RegisterContainerDropData(call OnContainerDropDataFunc)

RegisterContainerDropData registers notification called when something is dropped inside a container.

func RegisterContainerLeftClick Uses

func RegisterContainerLeftClick(call OnContainerLeftClickFunc)

RegisterContainerLeftClick registers notification called when use clicks on an icon

func RegisterContainerMenuContainer Uses

func RegisterContainerMenuContainer(call OnContainerMenuFunc)

RegisterContainerMenuContainer registers notification called when the menu is being built on a container.

func RegisterContainerMenuIcon Uses

func RegisterContainerMenuIcon(call OnContainerMenuFunc)

RegisterContainerMenuIcon registers notification called when the menu is being built on an icon (possibly NULL).

func RegisterContainerMiddleClick Uses

func RegisterContainerMiddleClick(call OnContainerMiddleClickFunc)

RegisterContainerMiddleClick registers notification called when the user middle-clicks on an icon.

func RegisterContainerMouseScroll Uses

func RegisterContainerMouseScroll(call OnContainerMouseScrollFunc)

RegisterContainerMouseScroll registers notification called when the user scrolls on an icon.

func RegisterDeskletConfigure Uses

func RegisterDeskletConfigure(call OnDeskletFunc)

RegisterDeskletConfigure registers notification called when a desklet is resized or moved on the screen.

func RegisterDeskletDestroy Uses

func RegisterDeskletDestroy(call OnDeskletFunc)

RegisterDeskletDestroy registers notification called when a desklet is going to be destroyed.

func RegisterDeskletNew Uses

func RegisterDeskletNew(call OnDeskletFunc)

RegisterDeskletNew registers notification called when a desklet is created.

func RegisterDockDestroy Uses

func RegisterDockDestroy(call OnDockDestroyFunc)

RegisterDockDestroy registers notification called when a dock is going to be destroyed.

func RegisterDockIconMoved Uses

func RegisterDockIconMoved(call OnDockIconMovedFunc)

RegisterDockIconMoved registers notification called when an icon is moved inside a dock.

func RegisterDockInsertIcon Uses

func RegisterDockInsertIcon(call OnDockInsertIconFunc)

RegisterDockInsertIcon registers notification called when an icon has just been inserted into a dock.

func RegisterDockRemoveIcon Uses

func RegisterDockRemoveIcon(call OnDockRemoveIconFunc)

RegisterDockRemoveIcon registers notification called when an icon is going to be removed from a dock.

func RegisterModuleActivated Uses

func RegisterModuleActivated(call OnModuleFunc)

RegisterModuleActivated registers notification called when a module is activated.

func RegisterModuleInstanceDetached Uses

func RegisterModuleInstanceDetached(call OnModuleInstanceDetachedFunc)

RegisterModuleInstanceDetached registers notification called when a module instance is detached.

func RegisterModuleRegistered Uses

func RegisterModuleRegistered(call OnModuleFunc)

RegisterModuleRegistered registers notification called when a module is registered.

func RegisterShortkeyChanged Uses

func RegisterShortkeyChanged(call OnShortkeyFunc)

RegisterShortkeyChanged registers notification called when shortkeys are added, removed or changed.

func RegisterWindowChangeFocus Uses

func RegisterWindowChangeFocus(call OnWindowChangeFocusFunc)

RegisterWindowChangeFocus registers notification called when the focused window changed.

type OnContainerDropDataFunc Uses

type OnContainerDropDataFunc func(icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, data string, position float64) bool

OnContainerDropDataFunc defines a container drop data callback.

type OnContainerLeftClickFunc Uses

type OnContainerLeftClickFunc func(icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, btnState uint) bool

OnContainerLeftClickFunc defines a container left click callback.

type OnContainerMenuFunc Uses

type OnContainerMenuFunc func(gldi.Icon, *gldi.Container, *gldi.CairoDock, *gtk.Menu) bool

OnContainerMenuFunc defines a container menu callback.

type OnContainerMiddleClickFunc Uses

type OnContainerMiddleClickFunc func(icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container) bool

OnContainerMiddleClickFunc defines a container middle click callback.

type OnContainerMouseScrollFunc Uses

type OnContainerMouseScrollFunc func(icon gldi.Icon, container *gldi.Container, scrollUp bool) bool

OnContainerMouseScrollFunc defines a container mouse scroll callback.

type OnDeskletFunc Uses

type OnDeskletFunc func(*gldi.Desklet)

OnDeskletFunc defines a desklet callback.

type OnDockDestroyFunc Uses

type OnDockDestroyFunc func(*gldi.CairoDock)

OnDockDestroyFunc defines a dock destroy callback.

type OnDockIconMovedFunc Uses

type OnDockIconMovedFunc func(gldi.Icon, *gldi.CairoDock)

OnDockIconMovedFunc defines a dock icon moved callback.

type OnDockInsertIconFunc Uses

type OnDockInsertIconFunc func(gldi.Icon, *gldi.CairoDock)

OnDockInsertIconFunc defines a dock insert icon callback.

type OnDockRemoveIconFunc Uses

type OnDockRemoveIconFunc func(gldi.Icon, *gldi.CairoDock)

OnDockRemoveIconFunc defines a dock remove icon callback.

type OnModuleFunc Uses

type OnModuleFunc func(name string, active bool)

OnModuleFunc defines a module callback.

type OnModuleInstanceDetachedFunc Uses

type OnModuleInstanceDetachedFunc func(mi *gldi.ModuleInstance, isDetached bool)

OnModuleInstanceDetachedFunc defines a module instance detached callback.

type OnShortkeyFunc Uses

type OnShortkeyFunc func()

OnShortkeyFunc defines a shortkey callback.

type OnWindowChangeFocusFunc Uses

type OnWindowChangeFocusFunc func(cdglobal.Window) bool

OnWindowChangeFocusFunc defines a window focus callback.

type RunType Uses

type RunType int

RunType defines if an event is received before or after others.

const (
    RunFirst RunType = C.GLDI_RUN_FIRST
    RunAfter RunType = C.GLDI_RUN_AFTER

Event registration call time.

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