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package editpack

import "github.com/sqp/godock/libs/packages/editpack"

Package editpack builds a console interface to edit applets definition info.


Package Files

editpack.go editui.go

func PacksExternal Uses

func PacksExternal(log cdtype.Logger, dir string) (packages.AppletPackages, error)

PacksExternal lists applets packages in the given dir.

func Start Uses

func Start(log cdtype.Logger, packs packages.AppletPackages) error

Start starts the edit applet console GUI.

type Editor Uses

type Editor struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Editor defines the edit info console GUI.

func New Uses

func New(log cdtype.Logger, packs packages.AppletPackages, appwidth, fieldswidth int) *Editor

New creates a new edit info console GUI.

func (*Editor) SetField Uses

func (ed *Editor) SetField(txtFields []string, id int) int

SetField sets the current field number.

func (*Editor) SetPack Uses

func (ed *Editor) SetPack(appnames []string, appID int) int

SetPack sets the current package number.

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