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package NetActivity

import "github.com/sqp/godock/services/NetActivity"

Package NetActivity is a monitoring, upload and download applet for Cairo-Dock.

Improvements since original DropToShare version:

Not using temp files.
Many new upload sites.
Code simple and maintainable (400 lines for 18 backends).


xsel or xclip command for clipboard interaction when build without gtk.

Not implemented (yet):

Icon for the applet.
More menu options.
Save image copy (and display).
Custom upload scripts.


Package Files

NetActivity.go config.go


const (
    // EmblemAction is the position of the "upload in progress" emblem.
    EmblemAction = cdtype.EmblemTopRight

    // EmblemDownload is the position of the "download in progress" emblem.
    EmblemDownload = cdtype.EmblemTopLeft

func NewApplet Uses

func NewApplet(base cdtype.AppBase, events *cdtype.Events) cdtype.AppInstance

NewApplet creates a new applet instance.

type Applet Uses

type Applet struct {
    cdtype.AppBase // Applet base and dock connection.
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Applet defines a dock applet.

func (*Applet) DownloadVideo Uses

func (app *Applet) DownloadVideo(data string)

DownloadVideo downloads the video from url.

func (*Applet) Init Uses

func (app *Applet) Init(def *cdtype.Defaults, confLoaded bool)

Init load user configuration if needed and initialise applet.

func (app *Applet) UpToShareLastLink() string

UpToShareLastLink gets the link of the last item sent to a one-click hosting service.

func (app *Applet) UpToShareLinks() []uptoshare.Links

UpToShareLinks gets all links of items sent to one-click hosting services.

func (*Applet) UpToShareUploadString Uses

func (app *Applet) UpToShareUploadString(data string)

UpToShareUploadString uploads data to a one-click site: file location or text.

func (*Applet) UploadFiles Uses

func (app *Applet) UploadFiles(files ...string)

UploadFiles uploads data to a one-click site: file location or text.

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