godock: github.com/sqp/godock/widgets


aboutPackage about creates the program about dialog.
appinfoPackage appinfo provides an applets list with edit applet info widget.
appletlistPackage appletlist provides an applets list treeview widget.
appletpreviewPackage appletpreview provides an applet preview widget.
cfbuildPackage cfbuild builds a cairo-dock configuration widget from its config file.
cfbuild/cfprintPackage cfprint prints config data to the console in a table.
cfbuild/cfwidgetPackage cfwidget implements key widgets for the config file builder.
cfbuild/cfwinPackage cfwin creates a dedicated config builder window.
cfbuild/datatypePackage datatype defines the data source format for the config.
cfbuild/newkeyPackage newkey creates keys for the config file builder.
cfbuild/valuerPackage valuer stores and converts a pointer to interface{}.
cfbuild/vdataPackage vdata provides a virtual data source for the config file builder.
cfbuild/vstoragePackage vstorage provides a virtual config storage for the config file builder.
commonPackage common provides simple gtk helpers.
confappletsPackage confapplets provides an applets list selection widget with preview.
confcorePackage confcore provides a cairo-dock core configuration widget.
confguiPackage confgui is a configuration window for Cairo-Dock.
confgui/btnactionPackage btnaction provides a button with different actions texts.
conficonsPackage conficons provides an icons list and configuration widget.
conficons/desktopclassPackage desktopclass extends the launcher builder with desktop class informations.
confmenuPackage confmenu provides a menu widget for the GUI.
confshortkeysPackage confshortkeys provides a dock shortkey configuration widget.
devpagePackage devpage provides a dock developer tools widget.
dockthemePackage docktheme provides a cairo-dock main theme load/save widget.
gtk/buildhelpPackage buildhelp is a small wrapper around gtk.Builder to load interfaces easily.
gtk/gunvaluePackage gunvalue provides some help to work with glib.Value.
gtk/keyfilePackage keyfile provides Go bindings for GLib's GKeyFile.
gtk/menusPackage menus builds gtk menus.
gtk/newgtkPackage newgtk creates gtk objects.
gtk/togtkPackage togtk provides gtk recast wrapers.
handbookPackage handbook provides an applet or theme description widget.
helpfilePackage helpfile provides a cairo-dock help widget.
pageswitchPackage pageswitch is a custom page switcher with a buttons box.
reportPackage report creates a widget with program and system informations for user reports.
welcomePackage welcome provides a cairo-dock welcome widget.

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