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package appletpreview

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/appletpreview"

Package appletpreview provides an applet preview widget.


Package Files

appletpreview.go appletpreview.xml.go


const (
    MaxPreviewWidth  = 350
    MaxPreviewHeight = 250

Preview image settings.

type Appleter Uses

type Appleter interface {
    FormatState() string
    FormatSize() string
    IconState() string

Appleter defines additional data that can be used by the preview.

type Preview Uses

type Preview struct {
    gtk.Box // Main widget is the container.

    TmpFile string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Preview defines an applet preview widget.

func New Uses

func New(log cdtype.Logger) *Preview

New creates an applet preview widget.

func (*Preview) HideSize Uses

func (widget *Preview) HideSize()

HideSize hides the size widget.

func (*Preview) HideState Uses

func (widget *Preview) HideState()

HideState hides the state widget.

func (*Preview) Load Uses

func (widget *Preview) Load(pack Previewer)

Load loads an applet or theme in the preview. Handbooker and Appleter can be used.

func (*Preview) RemoveTmpFile Uses

func (widget *Preview) RemoveTmpFile()

RemoveTmpFile delete the temporary file if used.

type Previewer Uses

type Previewer interface {
    GetTitle() string
    GetAuthor() string
    GetDescription() string
    GetPreviewFilePath() string

Previewer defines the main data needed by the preview.

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