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package newkey

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/cfbuild/newkey"

Package newkey creates keys for the config file builder.

If you need to use the key values before packing keys, you have to set the key builder with SetBuild.


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func Bool Uses

func Bool(group, name, label string) *cftype.Key

Bool creates a bool key.

func Custom Uses

func Custom(group, name, label string, makeWidget func(*cftype.Key)) *cftype.Key

Custom creates a custom key.

func CustomButton Uses

func CustomButton(group, name, label string, calls ...Call) *cftype.Key

CustomButton creates a custom key with a label button.

func EmptyFull Uses

func EmptyFull(group, name string) *cftype.Key

EmptyFull creates an empty key at full size.

func Frame Uses

func Frame(group, name, label, icon string) *cftype.Key

Frame creates a frame key.

func LaunchCommand Uses

func LaunchCommand(group, name, label, command string) *cftype.Key

LaunchCommand creates a launch command key.

func Link(group, name, label, linkText, url string) *cftype.Key

Link creates a link key.

func ListNumbered Uses

func ListNumbered(group, name, label string, values ...string) *cftype.Key

ListNumbered creates a bool key.

func Separator Uses

func Separator(group, name string) *cftype.Key

Separator creates a separator key.

func StringEntry Uses

func StringEntry(group, name, label string) *cftype.Key

StringEntry creates a string entry key.

func SwitchText Uses

func SwitchText(log cdtype.Logger, getValue func() bool, setValue func(bool), baseText, moreText string) func(*cftype.Key)

SwitchText creates a switch key with extra togglable text. baseText is always visible and moreText only when active. if baseText is empty, the label won't be updated.

func TextArea Uses

func TextArea(group, name, label string, log cdtype.Logger) *cftype.Key

TextArea creates a textarea key.

func TextLabel Uses

func TextLabel(group, name, label string) *cftype.Key

TextLabel creates a text key.

type Call Uses

type Call struct {
    Label string
    Func  interface{}
    Args  []interface{}

Call defines a named callback.

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