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package common

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/common"

Package common provides simple gtk helpers.


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GRRTHREADS is a dirty hack to prevent threads related crashs.

func ImageNewFromFile Uses

func ImageNewFromFile(iconName string, size int) (*gtk.Image, error)

ImageNewFromFile creates an image widget from the file path.

func InitGtk Uses

func InitGtk() (onstart, onstop func())

InitGtk provides GTK start and stop callbacks.

func NewWindowMain Uses

func NewWindowMain(widget gtk.IWidget, w, h int) *gtk.Window

NewWindowMain creates a new toplevel window, set size and pack the main widget.

func PixbufAtSize Uses

func PixbufAtSize(file string, maxW, maxH int) (*gdk.Pixbuf, error)

PixbufAtSize loads an image from disk as pixbuf.

func PixbufNewFromFile Uses

func PixbufNewFromFile(iconName string, size int) (pixbuf *gdk.Pixbuf, e error)

PixbufNewFromFile loads an icon from stock or disk as pixbuf.

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