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package confcore

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/confcore"

Package confcore provides a cairo-dock core configuration widget.


Package Files

confcore.go confcore.xml.go


const (
    TabDownload  = "Download"  // Key for the download tab.
    TabShortkeys = "Shortkeys" // ...
    TabThemes    = "Themes"
    TabHelp      = "Help"
    TabReport    = "Report"
    TabDev       = "Dev"

Custom config tabs displayed with the core page.

type ConfCore Uses

type ConfCore struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfCore provides a configuration widget for the main cairo-dock config.

func New Uses

func New(data cftype.Source, log cdtype.Logger, switcher *pageswitch.Switcher, btn btnaction.Tune) *ConfCore

New creates a ConfCore widget to edit the main cairo-dock config.

func (*ConfCore) Load Uses

func (widget *ConfCore) Load()

Load loads config items in the widget.

func (*ConfCore) Save Uses

func (widget *ConfCore) Save()

Save saves the current page configuration

func (*ConfCore) Select Uses

func (widget *ConfCore) Select(key string) bool

Select sets the selected item based on its key name.

func (*ConfCore) ShowWelcome Uses

func (widget *ConfCore) ShowWelcome(setBtn bool)

ShowWelcome shows the welcome placeholder widget if nothing is displayed.

func (*ConfCore) UpdateModuleState Uses

func (widget *ConfCore) UpdateModuleState(name string, active bool)

UpdateModuleState updates the state of the given applet, from a dock event.

func (*ConfCore) UpdateShortkeys Uses

func (widget *ConfCore) UpdateShortkeys()

UpdateShortkeys updates the shortkey widget if it's loaded.

type Item Uses

type Item struct {
    Key      string
    Title    string
    Icon     string
    Tooltip  string
    Managers []string

Item defines a core config page information.

type List Uses

type List struct {
    gtk.ScrolledWindow // Main widget is the container. The ScrolledWindow will handle list scrollbars.
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

List is a widget to list and select cairo-dock main config pages references.

func NewList Uses

func NewList(control controlItems, log cdtype.Logger) *List

NewList creates cairo-dock main config pages list.

func (*List) Load Uses

func (widget *List) Load(shareData string)

Load loads the widget fields.

func (*List) Select Uses

func (widget *List) Select(conf string) bool

Select sets the selected row based on its name.

func (*List) Selected Uses

func (widget *List) Selected() (*Item, error)

Selected returns the data about the selected item.

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