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package confshortkeys

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/confshortkeys"

Package confshortkeys provides a dock shortkey configuration widget.


Package Files

confshortkeys.go confshortkeys.xml.go

type Shortkeys Uses

type Shortkeys struct {
    gtk.ScrolledWindow // Main widget is the container. The ScrolledWindow will handle list scrollbars.
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Shortkeys defines a dock shortkeys management widget.

func New Uses

func New(control cftype.Source, log cdtype.Logger, btn btnaction.Tune) *Shortkeys

New creates a dock shortkeys management widget.

func (*Shortkeys) Clear Uses

func (widget *Shortkeys) Clear()

Clear clears the widget data.

func (*Shortkeys) Grab Uses

func (widget *Shortkeys) Grab()

Grab starts (or stops) the grab key mode to help the user assign a new shortcut for the selected line, if any.

func (*Shortkeys) Load Uses

func (widget *Shortkeys) Load()

Load loads the list of dock shortkeys in the widget.

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