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package devpage

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/devpage"

Package devpage provides a dock developer tools widget.

Use the config builder with a virtual setup.


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const GroupDev = "Dev"

GroupDev defines the name of the dev tools group.

func KeysDev Uses

func KeysDev(source cftype.Source, log cdtype.Logger) cftype.ListKey

KeysDev prepares dev tools keys for the config builder.

func New Uses

func New(source cftype.Source, log cdtype.Logger, switcher *pageswitch.Switcher) cftype.Grouper

New creates a dev tools widget with unstable (moving) custom options.

func PageDev Uses

func PageDev(source cftype.Source, log cdtype.Logger) func(build cftype.Builder)

PageDev prepares dev tools page for the config builder.

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