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package indexiter

import "github.com/sqp/godock/widgets/gtk/indexiter"


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type ByID Uses

type ByID interface {
    Append(iter *gtk.TreeIter)
    FindIter(int) (*gtk.TreeIter, bool)
    SetActive(int) bool
    Log() cdtype.Logger

ByID defines a simple list of gtk iter indexed by the position they were added. Use with a list of your useful data referenced in the same order.

func NewByID Uses

func NewByID(widget Widget, log cdtype.Logger) ByID

NewByID creates a list of gtk iter indexed by their position.

type ByString Uses

type ByString interface {
    Append(*gtk.TreeIter, string)
    FindID(string) (int, bool)
    SetActive(string) bool

ByString creates a list of gtk iter indexed by a key string.

func NewByString Uses

func NewByString(widget Widget, log cdtype.Logger) ByString

NewByString creates a list of gtk iter indexed by their key string.

type Widget Uses

type Widget interface {

Widget defines a gtk widget with the SetActiveIter method.

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