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package lightstep

import ""


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type LightStepSpanSink Uses

type LightStepSpanSink struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

LightStepSpanSink is a sink for spans to be sent to the LightStep client.

func NewLightStepSpanSink Uses

func NewLightStepSpanSink(collector string, reconnectPeriod string, maximumSpans int, numClients int, accessToken string, log *logrus.Logger) (*LightStepSpanSink, error)

NewLightStepSpanSink creates a new instance of a LightStepSpanSink.

func (*LightStepSpanSink) Flush Uses

func (ls *LightStepSpanSink) Flush()

Flush doesn't need to do anything to the LS tracer, so we emit metrics instead.

func (*LightStepSpanSink) Ingest Uses

func (ls *LightStepSpanSink) Ingest(ssfSpan *ssf.SSFSpan) error

Ingest takes in a span and passed it along to the LS client after some sanity checks and improvements are made.

func (*LightStepSpanSink) Name Uses

func (ls *LightStepSpanSink) Name() string

Name returns this sink's name.

func (*LightStepSpanSink) Start Uses

func (ls *LightStepSpanSink) Start(cl *trace.Client) error

Start performs final adjustments on the sink.

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