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package docker

import "github.com/sunny0826/drone-docker"


Package Files

docker.go tags.go

func DefaultTagSuffix Uses

func DefaultTagSuffix(ref, suffix string) []string

DefaultTagSuffix returns a set of default suggested tags based on the commit ref with an attached suffix.

func DefaultTags Uses

func DefaultTags(ref string) []string

DefaultTags returns a set of default suggested tags based on the commit ref.

func UseDefaultTag Uses

func UseDefaultTag(ref, defaultBranch string) bool

UseDefaultTag for keep only default branch for latest tag

type Build Uses

type Build struct {
    Remote      string   // Git remote URL
    Name        string   // Docker build using default named tag
    Dockerfile  string   // Docker build Dockerfile
    Context     string   // Docker build context
    Tags        []string // Docker build tags
    Args        []string // Docker build args
    ArgsEnv     []string // Docker build args from env
    Target      string   // Docker build target
    Squash      bool     // Docker build squash
    Pull        bool     // Docker build pull
    CacheFrom   []string // Docker build cache-from
    Compress    bool     // Docker build compress
    Repo        string   // Docker build repository
    LabelSchema []string // label-schema Label map
    Labels      []string // Label map
    NoCache     bool     // Docker build no-cache

Build defines Docker build parameters.

type Daemon Uses

type Daemon struct {
    Registry      string   // Docker registry
    Mirror        string   // Docker registry mirror
    Insecure      bool     // Docker daemon enable insecure registries
    StorageDriver string   // Docker daemon storage driver
    StoragePath   string   // Docker daemon storage path
    Disabled      bool     // DOcker daemon is disabled (already running)
    Debug         bool     // Docker daemon started in debug mode
    Bip           string   // Docker daemon network bridge IP address
    DNS           []string // Docker daemon dns server
    DNSSearch     []string // Docker daemon dns search domain
    MTU           string   // Docker daemon mtu setting
    IPv6          bool     // Docker daemon IPv6 networking
    Experimental  bool     // Docker daemon enable experimental mode

Daemon defines Docker daemon parameters.

type Envfile Uses

type Envfile struct {
    ConfigPkg string   `yaml:"configPkg"`
    CheckList []string `yaml:"checkList"`
    ImageList []string `yaml:"imageList"`

func (*Envfile) ReadYaml Uses

func (c *Envfile) ReadYaml(f string)

func (*Envfile) WriteYaml Uses

func (c *Envfile) WriteYaml()

type Login Uses

type Login struct {
    Registry string // Docker registry address
    Username string // Docker registry username
    Password string // Docker registry password
    Email    string // Docker registry email

Login defines Docker login parameters.

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin struct {
    Login   Login  // Docker login configuration
    Build   Build  // Docker build configuration
    Daemon  Daemon // Docker daemon configuration
    Dryrun  bool   // Docker push is skipped
    Cleanup bool   // Docker purge is enabled
    Modname string // Git update package name

Plugin defines the Docker plugin parameters.

func (Plugin) Exec Uses

func (p Plugin) Exec() error

Exec executes the plugin step

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