goleveldb: github.com/syndtr/goleveldb


leveldbPackage leveldb provides implementation of LevelDB key/value database.
leveldb/cachePackage cache provides interface and implementation of a cache algorithms.
leveldb/comparerPackage comparer provides interface and implementation for ordering sets of data.
leveldb/errorsPackage errors provides common error types used throughout leveldb.
leveldb/filterPackage filter provides interface and implementation of probabilistic data structure.
leveldb/iteratorPackage iterator provides interface and implementation to traverse over contents of a database.
leveldb/journalPackage journal reads and writes sequences of journals.
leveldb/memdbPackage memdb provides in-memory key/value database implementation.
leveldb/optPackage opt provides sets of options used by LevelDB.
leveldb/storagePackage storage provides storage abstraction for LevelDB.
leveldb/tablePackage table allows read and write sorted key/value.
leveldb/utilPackage util provides utilities used throughout leveldb.

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