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package flash

import "github.com/tango-contrib/flash"


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var (
    FlashName      = "tango_flash"
    FlashSeperator = "TANGOFLASH"

func Flashes Uses

func Flashes(sessions *session.Sessions, opts ...Options) tango.HandlerFunc

Flashes return a FlashData handler.

type Data Uses

type Data map[string]interface{}

type Flash Uses

type Flash struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

FlashData is a tools to maintain data when using across request.

func (*Flash) Add Uses

func (f *Flash) Add(kvs Data)

func (*Flash) AddValues Uses

func (f *Flash) AddValues(values url.Values)

func (*Flash) Data Uses

func (f *Flash) Data() Data

func (*Flash) FlushData Uses

func (f *Flash) FlushData() Data

func (*Flash) Get Uses

func (f *Flash) Get(key string) interface{}

func (*Flash) Merge Uses

func (f *Flash) Merge()

func (*Flash) Save Uses

func (f *Flash) Save()

func (*Flash) Set Uses

func (f *Flash) Set(key string, value interface{})

type Flasher Uses

type Flasher interface {
    FlushData() Data
    // contains filtered or unexported methods

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    FlashName      string
    FlashSeperator string

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