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package qemuengine

import "github.com/taskcluster/taskcluster-worker/engines/qemu"

Package qemuengine implements a QEMU based engine for taskcluster-worker.

This package requires following debian packages:

- qemu
- iproute2
- dnsmasq-base

This is tested against Debian Jessie 64bit, should probably work with most other systems.


Package Files

doc.go engine.go init_linux.go resultset.go sandbox.go sandboxbuilder.go sessionmanager.go


imagePackage image exposes methods and abstractions for extracting and managing virtual machine images.
metaservicePackage metaservice implements the meta-data service that the guests use to talk to the host.
networkPackage network contains scripts and abstractions for setting up TAP-device based networks for a set of QEMU virtual machines.
vmPackage vm provides virtual machine abstractions for QEMU.

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